French Presidential debate: Le Pen confirms sticking to banning Hijab in Public | WION

Three days from now, France will decide its new President. For that French President Emmanuel Macron, rival Marine Le Pen faced off in a high-stakes debate. Two leaders clashed bitterly over issues like Russia, the Hijab ban and Europe.

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Comment (25)

  1. This is Globalism against Nationalism. Globalism brought economic prosperity for the 0,01% in the last 30 years and undermined labor, salary's and social cohesion in the west. Globalism is for products and capital, not for the peoples of France or Europa. This rift in society is the result of globalism and Marcon is their front runner office boy.

  2. Maybe she can run as president in Russia, seems to have the medieval mindset required to be president there.

  3. Macron accuses Le Pen to be dependent on RU.. but the Ukraine conflict shows EU/FR is dependent on US/NATO… that Macron is willing to ignore NATO/US hegemonic expansionism (installing puppets) and the detrimental consequences brought by it, even to FR's own economy. Le Pen makes more sense that she suggested FR should prioritise FR's interests, and for that, FR should get out of NATO's integrated command

  4. Im not sure this message got through correctly. Stefan Nicolae@ The Difference between the French and British. Is the fact the French keeps on to its old empire.
    Whilst the British gave whole islands away to African workers. Many Caribbean islands, these slaves who worked upon these paradise islands.
    Jamaica just being one. The official ownership of these islands were British by international law.
    In Compensation they were given over to the ownership of the lands, to the inhabitants who once tilled over them for the British..
    African slaves that is. Now own these lands these islands.

  5. Impossible to identify Terrorists in Hijabs, following the Laws of the Country you live in will go a long way to being accepted.

  6. Marine connected with the French people. She won the debate. Macron was out of touch with the peoples! He failed France past 5 years!

  7. Let's have a look about what is happening in Sweden due to far right position on Islam. Macron is not far from the true.

  8. Rejects AFSPA, abrogation of articles 35A and 370 in Jammu Kashmir. Demand plebiscite as per UN outstanding resolutions.Rejects AFSPA, abrogation of articles 35A and 370 in International  Disputed Territory Jammu Kashmir.

  9. Peacefuls forces other religious people to follow peacefuls' rules in their countries but when peacefuls go to other countries, they will say, "Do not force your rules/law on us and we won't abide as we will follow only our book"

  10. French civilians MUST vote for Marie Le Pen if they want to stop The Great Replacement or Islamization of their country. It's almost lost…this is the LAST CHANCE they have.

  11. This news channel is turning into leftwing shills. Refers to LePenn as "far right" and doesn't refer to Macron and "far left". This channel is turning into CNN. Hopefully it goes the way of CNN+. Lol.

  12. MIcheal Moore held a funeral for the man rejected by Humana for a transplant…ask her the names of the private health care companies.


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