French Presidential Election 2022: Le Pen's strategy to focus on domestic issues pays off | WION

Polling stations have opened across France for the first round of voting of French presidential election 2022. The second round of voting to be held on April 24th. Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen emerge as top candidates.

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Comment (36)

  1. You guys are having fun, see how we in Ukraine are scared of Russian and Ukrainian military weapons every day. Where we have to hide, the world thinks of us or we have to die, and then you say "this is war."

  2. U mean politicians shouldn't focus on local issues? What's the point of having election if that's the case😂😂😂

  3. When Le-pen was conceived, her father was thinking about Politics. When she was born, her father was thinking about Politics. Ever since she was born, she has been none stop and everyday feeding politics. In Short Le- Pen's main being is politics. However, macaroon is not a politician but the Rothschild appointee for their Global and imperialist agenda in the name of liberalism making him as if he is a politician using the money, Media and influence they are in control all over west including from their base in US, UK, France, Canada and Australia.

  4. Both far left and "moderate" had their chance and both failed miserably. It's now the "far-right"' turn. And only liberal globalists who seek the West's dominance on the world stage regard the Russia-Ukraine war the number one issue. Day-to-day people and peace lovers cannot care less about such dominance. So my guess is that Le Peng is gonna win.

  5. Hahaha. If women want to work. Hahaha if you women want to have children. Hahaha if women wanted to have children. Hahaha if women like products 😂 hysterical

  6. Hahaha do not worry about your children. Hahaha. Hahaha if children want to go to schools. Hahaha if children want to play sports. Hahaha Laetitia wanted to work. Hahaha

  7. the France wait on Poutin for liberation of Sioniste Dictature 3 Bombe Nucléaire ☢️ en france will set free from Psychopaths

  8. Everything that we saw in Science – Fiction Books, has the potential to become reality, from technology, to society, to the rules of and code of conduct, if you want world – peace in for the human race to be one … globalism is the way to go, at 1st i didn't liked either, because yeah for the moment there are some rifts with rights for emigrants sometimes are better than the own citizens of welcoming country .. but still thru education, and much more money and interest put in the effort of REAL integration and respect is the only way BUT A SLOW PROCESS to make the borders of each country on EARTH only a source for culture and ethnicity but not WAR or idiolagical concept & like i said it is a slow process but if every country teaches respect to it's younger generation … then "religion", "language", "looks" will be seen more are as intriguing ingredients between people and thus our existence much more less boring. If you are bored and want blood because these kind of differences you should look for professional help.

  9. Marine Le Pen is a patriot. She loves her country, people, culture and she puts them above all. We should all Love our own countries and put our own countries above all but without disrespecting other countries, their cultures and beliefs. Peace to all ✌️

  10. Let’s hope, Macron will lose. And perhaps, Le Pen win would be a good win for France. Macron failed the French. And it’s time for a change.

  11. Whoever that win they should leave Africa alone. Europe cry Immigration when comes to elections but they will not stay in their continent.

  12. It is imperative that, we respect and observe each country electoral preference. Their citizens are entitled to select their elected officials without outside interference. I trust as an outsider that Macron will be reelected to a second term.

  13. Lepen is a career politician who is not up to the challenge of being a president.

    Macron is a globalist puppet working for the oligarchs against the people.

    France’s democratic decomposition continues.

  14. Nowadays if you talk about your love for your country to serve your people you'll be tag as extremist. As people in every country we only have to obey and serve the elite one. If you disobey they branded you as an extremist and enemy of the government. You'll see what they are doing to prime minister Orban of Hungary. He serve his people but become enemies of Brussels.

  15. Macron needs to go away his ego has completely taken over him …. He believes he is a king and rules over peasants…

  16. I am Indian muslim but when I will get even single chance in my life i will kill omicron 😡😡

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  18. Macron must go but after watching the downfall of that Globalist pig (Boaris Johnson) in Briton voters better make sue Le Penn isn’t just another puppet of Klaus Schwab.

  19. Perhaps by Macron following along with NATO, instead of thinking first about France, fuel and food prices will continue to rise. Just an outsider view. Bon chance, France

  20. Reuniting the country would be difficult when Islam truly teaches to break the country and form their own country

  21. The only reason I'd want to see Le Pen is that if France bans non-medical circumcision, the world will certainly notice and spark the discussion on everything that's wrong with it and can go wrong with it.


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