French Presidential Elections: Macron facing a tougher-than-expected-fight from Marine Le Pen | WION

France’s presidential fight is heating up incumbent president Emmanuel Macron will go head-to-head with Marine Le Pen on the 24th of April in their bid to woo voters. For the second round of the election both Macron and Marine Le Pen have sharpened their on ground campaign.

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Comment (25)

  1. Because of economic crisis and the rate of unemployment, now is the best time to invest and make money💯

  2. Macron is hinting NATO will go to war with France if Le Pen win is that what he meant. I hope Le Pen win to save France. Le Pen, Le Pen, Le Pen. ❤💪

  3. All politicians around the globe are the same during election very tame, but after winning they are now untouchable and think they are god

  4. It’s hard to accept that a media outlet that adopts the slogan the WORLD IS ONE NEWS (WION) is other than a voice for globalism. When almost every mention of Le Pen is prefaced with the descriptor “far right”, it seems clear that WION supports Macron and his globalist ambitions.

    In terms of the accusation that Le Pen would take France to war, the obvious question is “with whom”? One could rightly say that Macron has already surrendered many of the rights of the French people to globalist ideologies and policies willingly, without even a hint of resistance. His loyalty is not to the French people. It’s to the New World Order.

  5. Le Pen plz win and cool down the situation in europe and also for Asia it's starting to get intense we don't know when it'll explode cuz its starting to boil

  6. I hope Macron gets a 2nd-term as its feasible to have continous leadership during such challenging times.

    Why there must be Referendums in a Representative democracy ??

  7. We Indians support le pens. EU and Euro zone should be broken. People at brussels make life miserable for every common men on each country

  8. Le Pen is not "far right". So stupid to keep calling her that .Many of her policies , particularly economic policies are quite left wing.

  9. As an Indian I like le pen. I also think she is cute..❤️ She looks so much better and beautiful than Angela Merkel.

  10. Macron must leave…Macron doit partir.. go with Daddy Klaus schwabs…. he'll give you what you need..vas voir Pappy Klaus

  11. Hope they dont elect that putin puppet useful idiot tool. Too much issues to address in the world rite now, dont have time for negative divisive useless vitriolic grandstanding BS! Any other time, wouldn’t give a crap & it would be amusing. BUT NOT NOW!

  12. Yes.
    Same thing said about fact he prevented any war from erupting…the pseudo liberals and wokes will start the war

  13. Turn presidential year from 5 to 7 years …. I think we have the 1st woman dictator in the making here …somebody who stays to much in power gets complacent and in the end will serve only he or herself to stay in power.


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