Friend Brother or Enemy

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  1. We are to bear our cross and be a shining light. YHWH protects his people. If you don't know you don't know, life is a learning process – some of us have to learn the hard way. God shines on the wicked as well as the righteous. Peace love and mercy.
    The whole world will be blessed through you all, Abraham's seed.

  2. I really have learned a lot from you woman of Yah man of Yah keep up the great work in teaching our people truth

  3. shalom ;I give thanks to the YAH of Yisrael for you both ,love you both, The serpents lovers and followers wont have anything constructive to say when the real truth is spoken, you both always edify me and i always feel joy and peace'SHALOM

  4. People don't fear YAH because they don't know Him and they have a distorted perception of Him because they don't read they bibles but listen to a preacher every Sunday!!

  5. the two men that killed emit Till years ago got money from a book deal and in that book they ADMITTED to killing Emit Till

  6. That was exactly my point Watchman; I have often heard in legal circles that the punishment should fit the crime; and if you kill someone for selling cigarettes, what punishment will you put on a murderer? or a traitor to the country? It just doesn't add up, unless of course you are a part of the corrupt law-enforcement.

  7. Watchman and Deborah, I am of the opinion that this loving of our enemies is a carry-over from slavery. We need to somehow reshape the focus of the mindset of our people to love each other and to be there for one another. I can now understand when the Most High described us as stiff-necked people, what He was trying to say. Just as this cozying up to white folks is bothering you, the same thing applies to me. How can we get respect when we keep on loitering in their places of recreation? How can we get respect when we keep on following them in their neighborhoods? I can understand if you are working in one of their businesses, you will have to rub shoulders on a day to day basis; but after working hours, can't you not spend quality time with your family, or your friends of similar identity?
    How can we earn our respect when our women keep straightening their hair? Are we ashamed of who we are and how we were created by the Most High? Can't we not see that we are special because the very scripture tells us that not only Yahushua but Yah Himself also has hair like wool? <Dan 7: 9> <Rev 1: 13- 15> <Rev 4: 2- 3> The evidence is clear that not only the Son but the Father also has brown skin or a brown appearance; because when you google what a jasper or a sardine stone look like, they are definitely not white.

  8. Watchman, according to the scriptures: let The Most High be true but every man a liar. I totally concur with you because we also have many traitors in our midsts. We have to not just try the spirits but also our very own people to ascertain their loyalty. And just touching back on the enemy scenario, when confronted by our enemy our guard is up but when confronted by a so-called friend, we normally let our guards down; and this is where we get stabbed in our backs.

  9. And…if you live around a land of cougars…and you have the meat of Yah's word…those cougars can sense that…so all he is saying is be cautious and wear your amour.

  10. I am a white woman who has been seeking truth most of my life. I believe that most of my life I have shown love to all people. but I must say I have been hurt by black people several times. yet I still pray and forgive.

  11. I am so thankful to Abba. for the truth. bringing me out of the church. still denounce the doctrines!! so pray that he completely wash that from me. thanks

  12. May the Most High God of Israel bless and protect you brother and sister.Thank you for your courage.Wake Up Israel, return back to your eloim.

  13. Wow, why do u think Yah allowed these people to kill this family Yahyah? There is no such thing as coincidence.

  14. we did better economically during segregation than we'er doing today in integration. Wake Up Israel!

  15. Thank you so much for this teaching. You are teaching truth, not fear, not racism. We have to be wise in the land of our captivity. Obey YAH , love Him with all our mind, heart and soul and with all our strength and love our neighbor as ourselves. I said neighbor not enemy their is a difference.

  16. Thank you for this lesson. I used to live in a racist neighborhood. I was spat on my face, insulted, etc. Where I live now, I am considered anti-social because I do not trust people. Well, I am surrounded by Catholics who are always telling me that there is only one god so I should join them. I refuse and always explain why.

  17. I've learned in the medical profession: Treat each illness as if it's contagious. Same theory with the enemy, no matter how nice they may seem to be, don't be naïve, be careful how you deal with them. Take precaution.

  18. My personal experience has been that black people have been more blantant in their jealousies, backstabbing, and sabotage. It hurts deeper because we should conduct ourselves as brother's, and sisters, but instead many of us hate one another and can't support or be happy when one experiences success, or accomplishments. Therefore I'm cautious across the board. Sbt

  19. Always put Yah first we are in this pagans world full of perverseness fear Yah in all keep his ways laws get to know him understand his counsels for us trust him forevermore .

  20. Deep sadness and sorrow. They are not getting their race war because we see beyond the divide and conquer with the eyes of our creator. I am new to your channel and I thank you on so many different levels for all you offer. One day we will all be free.

  21. Before I came to the truth I became friends with many different gentiles some of whom depended on me for emotional support. Now that I have learned about who we are I don’t know how to navigate friendships these friendships anymore. Especially when they say hey let’s get together sometimes. Now I did tell these friends about truth and they actually understood and one even agreed with me for the most part. I just don’t know how to continue deep friendships with them in my spirit.

  22. Crazy how what you talked about in this lesson happened this year 2021. Not a peep heard from the other side… Keep pushing yall are true real life warriors. All praises!! 🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿


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