From special operation to war: Will Putin declare war against Ukraine? | World English News | WION

Russian invasion of Ukraine has entered third month now. From special operation to war, will Putin declare war against Ukraine? Watch UK’s Defence Secretary’s take on Ukraine conflict.

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Comment (32)

  1. The only way Russia can match western alliance is mutually assured destruction.

    West thinks Russia is Iraq or Iran.

    Let Zelensky and those who support him wake up and smell coffee.

  2. What do you expect for the Russians to do? It is should be now a war because many players are supplying weapons worth of billions and mecenaries.They are using mmedia,Sanction,Financial and economy war from outsiders

  3. Apparently the whole of Ukraine is just a bunch of Nazi!? Who will be placed under this label next Mr Putin?

  4. Indians, please help the Ukrainians, hate America and Britain if you want, but HELP THEM, PLEASE DO SO NOW, if you yet have any conscience!!

  5. Every day that passes Vladimir Putani gets out his black marker, stands in front of the mirror, and adds another cut-along-the-dotted-line mark on his own neck
    YeeeHaaa UnterPoccNR!

  6. – – – UKRAINE – – it is time to send many missiles right into the country of RUSSIA big big missiles non stop wake them up scare them make soldiers run back to RUSSIA ——–

  7. Sooner or later President Putin going to use Nuclear Bomb on Ukraine to let western world know he’s ready for nuclear war, Western world have no choice to back out, it’s not our fight, u just sit and watch

  8. Something must have happened dreadfully wrong after the visit from the UN dude why Russia is now going to declare an all out war against the enemies.. it seems that he bought a message from the Petrodollar Kabal to President Putin and it was rejected by Russia because now it seem to be heading into the wrong direction and into an escalation all we need to do now it pray and hope for the best and peace

  9. How do you define your own War? Russia is only fooling themselves……Incase you dont know, It has been War from Day 1….

  10. So Putin should be put in jail for at least 15 years for calling this special operation a WAR?

  11. Are all civilians who called this invasion/ special operation a “WAR” be released and their charges dropped ?

  12. War simply means Going all out. No holding back But also same time F**k entire Nation's economy for 20 yrs or more

  13. Basically Russia doesn’t know how to “Special Miltary Operation”. Russia has Never special military operationed in its life. So it’s buggered it up. But perhaps Russia does know how to War.

  14. Too many jargon is not going to put things in the right place…UN has lost its credibility for not bringing the Russians to the negotiating table. It's ultimately the innocent people who are going to suffer. NATO countries are trigger happy and more than willing to supply their war machines for sale and getting tested on a live war. No one is concerned about Ukrainians. The Presidents of Ukraine is another culprit for having taking their country into war with Russia.

  15. if putin declares war, putin will be admitting that his special operation has failed. he failed and should be sent to a gulag along with the other failed russian generals and FSB officers.

  16. Get Crimea…. very important…. remove military people there as it is all military staying there… their putins staging area

  17. Crimea their baby til now should not grow as putin tink…. so it must be back to where it belongs…. you will also see traitors in exile there…. intel and gestapo equivalent

  18. Take a look at the new Russian military uniforms Thay will use. where has the world seen them uniform styles before ..and he wants to say Ukraine are Nazis and Putins favorite philosopher was a fashist and is from Germany and ees friends with Hitler and about Russian threats to united states and NATO don't think we care what Putin 🤡 wants or his threats or we would not be supportive of Ukraines to our extent


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