G7 foreign ministers ‘gravely concerned’ on Russia-Ukraine crisis | Ukraine news | Russia news

G7 foreign ministers met in Munich, Germany, and discussed the Russia-Ukraine crisis. U.S Secretary of State Antony Blinken joined his international counterparts during the meeting on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference.

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Comment (25)

  1. bla bla bla , i used to respect this station . now i see its been bought and sold already ……….this is all about the global financial reserve that changes hands every 100 years (overdue). the rest is just a distraction . school yard tactics . digital currency next while your all baying for

  2. Suctioning is not always a poletical opposition solution. Understanding the west and east Ukrainians historical background is avital solution.

  3. Putin is wearing down NATO by positioning his troops to continually threaten Ukraine. It's a psychological war which he thinks it will be enough to destabilize not only Ukraine but the world. Putin is a bully and they do hypnotize opponents by showing great force.

  4. I think USA just made Europe a hell on earth! Imagine Russia cuts off natural gas! That entire continent will be in deep freeze!

  5. And soon they will be no more…they gave up themselves to evil And wanting to become gods they become fools…..God.

  6. Should not highlight invasion theory of Ukraine to bypass Russian legitimate demand of sequrity gurenty. Should go constructive way to meet the actual demand.
    I think if Russia wants to invade Ukrain it will do in past eight years.

  7. I used to be a huge WION fan but since the Ukraine conflict, this channel became pretty much like other misleading medias! RT does now a better job!

  8. QUESTION: If Putin’ annexing parts of Ukraine under the guise of “it was once Russian”, is viewed by the western world as being so wrong, then HOW do they possibly justify funding and supporting the partitioning of Palestine, and the protracted genocide of it’s people ?!?!? INQUIRING MINDS WANNA KNOW

  9. Please listen to me Trudeau is very well known about this War was going to happen Ukraine and Russia – – China and Trudeau has had many meetings he is planning to use Canada for our resources oil & fields and metals – our Potash is in danger -he wants to pay off Canadas DEBT and get a little more rich you need to research what i am saying Please this was a opportunity for Trudeau to enforce the war measures act -to be able to control every thing GOD BE WITH US ALL AMEN

  10. European nations only want American people to pay for their safety while they brag about being the happiest people on earth! Gtfoh! Pay for your security and Putin wouldn't be so feared!

  11. A new united front needs to come together under one umbrella. "The Democratic Block" a joint collaboration between all World Democracies to build our economies and militaries into one. We need to remove all Western Companies from China and build the infrastructure and means to manufacture in our block of countries. We must also protect ourselves under one world Mega Super power Military. Let's stop helping China and Russia from growing and bullying countries by taking away the funds and manufacturing that helped build up China's Military. "THE DEMOCRATIC BLOCK " of protected Democratic Countries helping to build a safe and peaceful existence. ✌️

  12. Boris Johnson do not follow Biden is leading the world 🌎 to hell kingdom power to Saturday sabbath Jesus he is about to come 📖⏱️📪🎸are you can his side?


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