GENOClDE BY DlET Junk Food's Connection To Mental lllness & VioIence

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  1. The system put in place by their
    supremacist, through redlining,
    low wages, oppression, politrics,
    and so many abnormalities used
    to push us to destruction. But, I
    hope and pray, that we can be here
    when the tables are turned back to
    their homes, nation, young and old!
    This is why, I'm eating right, looking
    to the hills, for help for my people.
    Thank you, MOW, you've pointed me
    to YAH'S way for better health thru
    scripture! Shalom, HalleluYAH 🙌!

  2. i am white. i grew up in the "hood" i was never violent, i never had any real health problems.i CHOOSED TO EAT HEALTHY. instead of eating food from the corner store, i would take a 40 min bus ride each way to go to the "real food " grocery stores. i would invite my black friends to go with me and no one would. if you have a choice ( and they did because i was just as poor as them) to eat garbage from the corner store instead of taking a couple busses to a store with fresh real food ,then you only have yourself to blame!

  3. if no one would buy the crap food they would not make it! i never saw a man hold someone at gunpoint and force them into a McDonald's and force them to eat McDonald's food!!!!

  4. i eat pinto beans 4 times a week for both lunch and is cheap and rather healthy .i get the rest of my protein from cheese and peanut butter. ppl, you can eat healthy if your poor if you put your mind to it! we all have that freedom to choise!!!

  5. you have to make a choice,.do you want to eat to make your taste buds happy or do you want to eat healthy? because the truth is if you are poor you really cant do both.its your decision!

  6. I'm not buying junk food I'm vegan mostly dont judge me by my past and im.not a lie esther just ask jesus iam Ali I as not jayne or will or amber

  7. This is so honorable…to listen to this sholam and love to you …SO TRUE blessings BROTHER YAH BLESS YOU

  8. Great video keep up the good work. I know you heard about the new Michael Jackson documentary, great time to put out that Satan's musical prophets

  9. They did a study of many people across Europe, and all had some plastic in their feces. Up to nine different types of plastic.

  10. hydration. hydration. hydration. good, clean, spring water. 1/2oz. of weight per day…ex: if you weigh 150lbs drink 75oz. of water each day

  11. Ok, when the talker in the vid said devil food, and that cheese burger and fry came up. 1st Timothy Ch4. I'm going to eat my cheeseburger, because God said it was good and to prey when I eat. God knows about the Poison. Eat the clean appointed.

  12. We are really obese people. As a bus driver, I see black people that will break your vehicle springs as they get on the bus. I really see fat people every day and what's more, they are eating chips and fries as they get on the bus. Please do something, everyone.


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