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German car parts supplier Continental has temporarily resumed tyre production for passenger cars at its Russian plant in Kaluga, it said on Tuesday, to protect local workers who could otherwise face criminal charges.

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Comment (35)

  1. Soon Russia become the world leader no one even dare to touch Russia better this comedy fellow who is the scrape goat of USA Ukarine president better understand Russia power and atleast withdraw from war and save human lives don't take this for ego if yes then Ukraine will suffer more due to that waste president.

  2. BWOYKOTTED kontential.enjoy your Russian SHOES 👟 and Made in china condoms as they always break 🤔 even the Large large ‼️
    KUSSACKS to putin and ping.
    BlessUp INDIA 🇮🇳 and Wion StaySafe

  3. Everyone should get back to business. This sanctions just hurts business and citizens, jobs. Does not hurt anyone else

  4. This is either blackmail or greed. The company reopening shows that Russia's Putin will use any method to coerce Western companies into staying. Only toughness will work with Russia. The West is really slow on the uptake. Geeezzz!

  5. Truth will eventually come out of this war, but when is the question. The West are complicit in the crime going on in Ukraine and eastern Europe.

  6. salute to Germany. don't listen to usa. u r not puppet. once again congratulations Germany. why to sacrifice ur country for another war .

  7. Most of the companies will restart work, you seem to forget they work and that GREEN and not SJW tears.
    The “we are pulling out” band wagon was just for idiots to feel good about shot they buy for a few weeks.
    I can assure you once the summer and holidays start, less and less will give AF about this conflict as people only care about something while it’s relevant for them.

  8. It's a shame for Germany because they have weaken Ukraine and EU position in front of Russia during the last decade.

  9. Biden is going to have another freakout walking in endless circles pooping his nappy, what about my sanctions

  10. If you are going to report the news using the English language you need to at least know how to speak it properly or it just sounds disjointed and nonsensical..

  11. The seven stages of grief for EU, USA & NATO in Ukraine are: Anger, Denial, Bargaining, Depression, Pay in Rubles, pay more Rubles, and commit Hara-kiri

  12. Im still waiting for when it will be okay to ask Europe Uk and US what happened to all the Nazi elements they told us are in the Ukrainian military and Govt before this war started. Germany better brace itself cuz those accusations will come and it wont be pretty…

    I hope the people of Ukraine have peace soon.


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