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  1. @Watchman reports and @Redirecting the love is TRULY felt from you guys and my family and I TRULY love you and miss you all… I pray we cross paths again in the near future… Continue to deliver Yah's word and be blessed family… Shalom ✊🏾✊🏿

  2. Yeshua walked into death knowing the future. Satan didn't win anything from that. Weakness is an illusion surely.

  3. Please my beloved sister Deborah I personally appreciate the ways Our lovely Heavenly Father is making use of you and your husband, but you should also go to the media to listen to the revelations of others on what God is saying about make up, Jewelleries, attificial nails, hair etc. Pls God would like you to appear natural the way He created He doesn't want you to cover His creativity with artificial things made by demonic entities who's aim is to abuse God' personality and mentality. The Holy spirit made me to know that the literary meaning of make up is' God made me down let me bring myself up" in other words I am of low grade let me up grade myself. Pls my dear I am not judging you should know that what counts is not how far but how well. What God demands is Holiness inside and outside ie on the body, righteousness and truth ( these are the three qualifications for making Heaven.) Thanks and God bless you.

  4. I am always grateful to get the wisdom Yah shares thorough you & your family. I'm keeping you'll lifted up in continual prayer.

  5. I'm so looking forward to the part 3 of the musical series, because I've been telling people for a long while now what they hear and sing they bring that into their life manifesting ! Love you you brought me to tears so much pricking in my spirit today ! Thank you!

  6. I love your channel and the watchman's sense I started this walk in the truth I thirst for your videos it's a blessing praise YAHUAH

  7. I remember; and you probably saw this a few times but your videos in 2015 helped pull me away from IUIC camp and listening to other camps. When I can't explain things I direct people to your channels.

    In my book the truth hurts but at least it's the truth. I hear the love in you videos and it shows me that the example you follow is YAHUSHA HA'MASHIACH. HE spoke in love, truth and spirit.

    So THANK YOU for your obedience to ELOHIYM and HIS WORD. THANK YOU for never giving up, THANK YOU for putting your armor on and pulling out your sword of truth and putting on your breastplate of righteousness.

    Thank you


  8. I listen to some of these channels you are referring to. I have learned to go to their channel and look to see who they subscribe to. Most of the time they subscribe to some questionable channels. When I see that I stop listening or watching their channel. I do my best to subscribe to my people following ELOHIYM in truth and spirit.



  9. thank you for all of your sharing of your knowledge and wisdom and I am excited about the part 3 video to come out.

  10. Sista YAH just want you to know that YAH answer me through you frequently maybe because I listen to you a lot.the way that I am I don't do too many friends nor do I take too many advices.
    But whenever I'm going through testings that I pray about and doesn't get results I ask YAH if he has turned his face away from me , or has he forgotten me. It is right about that time your next video talks about the very thing I've been going through
    I want you to know that I know that you hear from YAH
    I've always known that the enemy is behind the attacks but I have to learn to exercise patience and not show my feelings often my children ( are teenagers) and I love you and your entire family too

  11. spiritual war is no game .. for it will over take you with out knowledge of the most high and self……. it is an everyday battle and it comes through many different colors shapes and sizes surely I tell you the lord gave us dominion over all things and demons if I tell you this does not mean walk down a dark alley and a bad neighborhood late at night

  12. Bless YAH for you Sis Deborah YAH. I needed to hear this. I find my mind of late being attacked. Thoughts that I wasn't even thinking just slip in and they are contrary to my Belief. Please keep me in your Prayers. Thanks always and Shalom. Shalom.

  13. Hey Deborah Yah, I appreciate your heart and your family ALWAYS. KEEP doing what you ARE doing GREAT. Shalom…..

  14. Heartbroken and angry!! Yes Sister, we the diaspora need to cry aloud to YAH to redeem us and deliver us from our oppressors.

  15. shabatt shalom yahu and Debra yah the great couble and a great loving caring family also the watchman reports helpers of the true people that need to wake up on this wicked world for the most high the true heavenly father yah with his son our savior yeshua, I have a question about the true people that have been beaten down and lied on this wicked world, how do you help our people by waking up and understanding about us on this world that lies and not our true home if they understand us, if they understanding or not how do you help them if they believed it or not. Also do you pray like jediyah while worshipping for sabbaths every Saturdays not sundays. And lastly what kind of positive choices with thoughts you can do for yourself also your family with good choices with a positive habits then negativity choices in your life for ourself plus with your family members together. Those are my three questions I've got for now. Finally how do you speak and talk in a true Hebrew language as for the true people for the true heavenly father with the true son. Thank you and all praises to the most high yah with his son our savior yeshua have a blessing day for you great caring couble for the watchman reports with your family helps and support eachother Shabbat shalom and all praise for the most high father.

  16. Yet another enlightening video, thanks sis Deborah… May TMHYAH bless you and your family with good health and wisdom. Shalom family

  17. Shalom to the watchman messages, I am grateful to yah for both of you. The word of yah says seek and you shall find, and thank you for stirring up my soul to the knowledge of truth that is within. Where yah leads me I will follow.

  18. Amen. Spiritual warfare is action thru fine works, not just words, and we must put on our "Suit of Armor" described in the book of Ephesians 6:10 -20 so that we might attain power in the Jah and in his strength through love. So that we may withstand the crafty acts of the devil and stand firm in the truth. You are truly a loving, kind , firm child of Yah. No question.

  19. Question? Do you and your husband use the Cepher Bible, and with what group(s) are/were you affiliated? I saw this ad and thought I need to ask you questions, for the sake of all others, who may see this ad too: Catrina Brown, (of – Strong Righteous Women in YAH – Facebook page)
    Admin Β· 8 hrs
    So I'm in the Cepher Bible group on fb and I searched the group to see if they talk about the True Israelites(Mind you it's all white people in this group and all the admins are white) because this is a Cepher Bible group(The restored names Bible). So I asked why they don't talk about it in the group and do they know who the True people are. Their responses were" Caucasians are the Israelites". Once I began to dig further they don't want to talk anymoreπŸ˜‚ I knew something was fishy about that group. I will KEEP telling the Truth until they kick me out!! These white people really think they're the Chosen peopleπŸ˜‚

  20. Sister DeboYah,I'm am.sure over the last few years of commenting occasionally You know im the gentile that Loves.This Ministry.I attend a Israelite bible study every Sabbath..But before i found a good an balance place bringing the truth i found 'y'all first..So if I get sick ,Or after i get home i always play watch Watchman reports an now Re-directs.I love your passion, sincerity,Honesty an i know the burden you feel is real.Trust me I'm a skeptic so its hard for me even in this truth to trust every an anyone.I was the same before i came into this truth because i still believed in Shabbath an not celebrating holidays because my mother was very set apart.She an a few others would simply gather an pray on Shabbat ..I don't even listen to gentile teachers because.though they keep ,Torah,they keep Sabbath an all that goes with it They still say We are from the tribe of Ephraim,Or its the jewISHministry.I just cannot…. be feed a half or a part truth.It's just that simple.I love the way you an Moreh Yahu Bounce off each other with the word.Y'all Are a team in this ministry an you are his help mate..You speak the truth to help all who want to live righteous.You are a great role model cause my parents are gone.I got very lonely in this walk.Its hard when you not.. accepted by your own an after Yah awakening you by his Ruach an you still not accepted by his people.But i have a small Israelite family an ive meet other's at feast days .If it was not for y'all an a few others to feed me with the word I honestly don't know if i would have made it.But Yah always makes A way out of no way an he alone is the keeper of our souls.Thank you again sister I love y'all an stay in Yah's will.People need A Watchman an Role models like y'all especially in these last an evil days .Shalom


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