Getting on the right path is essential and very necessary

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Comment (34)

  1. Your message is so True.. Getting over that mountain… Becoming one, with love, compassion and Redirecting to the creator…. indeed.

  2. See see this is proof ladies (PROOF) this is why you need a good man, your own personal hero to protect you from very big bugs that fall, yes fall from the sky smh…..I just dropped the mic and left the room….Sign, Humble Hero.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your communications with our Father. Your words have settled something in my spirit. All praises to the Most High. Shalom.

  4. That made me lighter in the spirit. We are in the apocalypse (revelation of something hidden) as we speak.

  5. Whites were slaves, in fact the word slave I not anything to do with people of color. Maurs held slaves who were white from Iberia to Malta to Arabia. The Nubians travelled as far away as Ireland to breed with red-haired giants originally from Turkey and Phonecia who had spread the mysteries if Babylon, Chaldea, and Sumer to every distant island thousands of years ago slaverytle island. Consider Anthony Johnson. Amaraçü, their New Atlantis procured by Jesuit outposts, a Utopia hovering over the land like a pipe dream, Bramblebush delusions.
    Be free as much as possible, stop thinking like a victim. There is White plight, and there are people of every tribe tongue and Nation dying for Meschiach because they refuse to be carnal.
    Much love, Shalom.

  6. We love u aunty 💞 an thank you for keeping us encouraged as I'm sure we all need it. Praise Yah an may he continue to pour his righteous Ruach into your entire household according to his perfect will 🙌🏾 Your top an headwrap matches your beautiful flowers to the left 🌻 so beautiful 💞 Yah will most certainly help us move these mountains family but we must we must we must walk in obedience of our Abba. No exceptions no compromising. Shalom 🤗

  7. Praise Yah …He promised us if our ways are pleasing to Him He would make even our enemies to be at Peace with us…Let's continue to look inward and pray for deliverance. !!!!

  8. You always have great life lessons and I really appreciate you taking the time to share your wisdom with us. That bug is probably a cicada if it fell from the trees. Their harmless insects 😂 at the 10:08 mark that’s what a cicada sounds like.

  9. Im telling U them buggs would get U,
    Dont let it catch you with your mouth open it happened to me before 😂😂😂😂 may TMH CONTINUE BLESSING U AND YOURS MY SISTA…. SHALOM🙏🏾.

  10. 😂Sis, I can tell you, moving to KY from Los Angeles, the sounds and sights of the "creatures of nature" have been the hardest to adjust to.😅 But this message was so right on time! Indeed, we must be willing to walk this journey alone sometimes just to be led of Yahuah! But these cold and cruel Isralites can make you wanna just run away and never look back. But what's left for us in the world🤔 NOTHING so I agree it's definitely better to simply separate then to endure wickedness. No matter how subtle it may come off. Shalom

  11. I love my people don't get me wrong all of my black people. But time and time again they have come against me ,their own people. So many blacks in Oklahoma City they tend to lose sight that we are here and few and numbers. Oklahoma is 70% White. And we have at least 10% of our black people as police officers. Black people in Oklahoma City are so disrespectful to their own kind and it's ridiculous. So yes I am learning to love my people, but they don't make it easy. My people don't give me much to work with when they are consistently disrespectful towards me and one another. Sister your channel keeps me in line ,and I want to say thank you. I have to think Shalom every minute of my day in Oklahoma City..

  12. Hello! Woman of the most high Yah. I've been watching you and your husband for a couple of years now, you guy's are so knowledgeable about our people also about the word of Yah. This particular video stuck with me, you guy's was baptizing folks I believe maybe it was in your yard. I was baptized in the name of Jesus 26 years ago but since then I have learned a little more, thanks too you and your husband and other's on social media. I want to be rebaptized in the proper name of Yah. Feeling lost on who and were to go. Can you help me?

  13. Shalom Sis Deborah YAH !
    I am soo grateful for your ministry.
    Your (Watchman&Deborah-YAH) sound teachings keep me grounded.
    May the Most High continue to keep HIS face shining upon you (whole household) !!

  14. Sister your message is correct and true. There are two sides of the equation. Correction/analyze comes first then the answer.

    If a person is not speaking to a sibling or another there is a reason why. If a person has done harm to you do you continue to allow them to cause you trouble; No. James 1:14 But each one is tempted when he is drawn away by his own desires and enticed. (Not because someone wants to make a believer out to be false)

  15. Thank you, Sis. For letting the Most High to use you to speak truth and give wisdom. My husband and I have been trying to warn our Mishpacha of such things. We would love to sit and fellowship with you guys one day. We are the Orlando group here in Florida. Shalom, my Sister.

  16. Thank you sister Deborah your words are so true and always needed. so glad i can always go back and here truth and will apply it to my life… NO BUGS ALLOWED lol SHABBAT SHALOM.. bless up.

  17. 6 months later, this message spoke to me! I’ve been yearning in my spirit to be led by YAHUAH. I just needed a re-direction. The times are harder now. I had a co-worker came to me today and belief that I am in a cult but by the time I shared, his whole mindset shifted. Christianity have our people BLINDED in The Bahamas. But I’m thankful for the message at this hour!!! Praise YAHUAH!

  18. Bug called a zacada. Spell may be wrong. But I believe that's bwhat it is. Won't bite, some people eat them. Continue the good works.


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