Ghana apologizes to those in the diaspora for selling us 400 years ago

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  1. What about an apology to the enslaved blacks of the western America continent, they weren’t slaves or sold if they remain in Africa still, but we were, and still are oppressed here…..

  2. always thank the most like it says in the Bible in Genesis that remember your history and what they did to us so the most high is going take us back to Israel were we belong thank you most high


  4. If you are so sorry then stop selling tours of the place where you held blacks captive in chains chained to the concrete floor!! You made money of blacks then and you are still doing it till this very day! You are no different than any other nation Confederate aginst gods chosen!! You will pay! those who LEAD into captivity will go Into captivity. Capturing and selling them definitely qualifies.

  5. The only reason Ghana has apologize because Japanese people are taking over now notice how more African leaders are coming out of the woodwork telling black Americans to come home . To whom ever wants to go I salute you but I won't make that trip

  6. Umm excuse me! But what did I just see?! Eve accepting an apology, by bowing to the hammites who sold us. It takes foolishness from our own to show how destroyed we are. Smdh. They should be bowing to us asking for forgiveness how asinine is that for a sister to shame us even more. By doing that act of foolishness.

  7. In my country, they had kidnap a lot of people y Arabs We did not sell them. Why Ghana will agree in something they did not do.

  8. my name is sofronio Aderes from the Philippine but live now in maryville Tennessee im convince the truth about your message shalom

  9. I m from the Ga tribe in southern Ghana to be precise Accra, oral tradition tells us that we are descendants of Gad and Dan tribe therefore we Hebrew Israelites. Our journey through the wilderness, Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Nigeria and finally to Ghana is chronicled in our oral history which our fathers pass on to us. I want to first and foremost apologise again to my brothers and sisters for the evil our fore fathers committed on you. We lost some of our families to slavery through numerous ways, fathers exchange alcohol and tobacco for their perceived undisciplined children. Some were given away as punishment for petty crimes committed against the society, all these and more. Some were saved from the slave masters but had to relocate with tribes unknown to them. We can in Africa can only say we are truly sorry and we have vowed individually and collectively that so long as we live, we shall rather die than to witness any Hebrew Israelites being enslaved again.

  10. God is with Ghana, it's the most peaceful country in Africa and the world as whole.
    Those afro Americans saying Ghana must payback, the Lord God knows your heart and can strike you down before setting your foot even there.
    Also remember slavery was already practice in Ghana so it was nothing new, what's new was the European treatment of the slaves… Slaves in Ghana were treated humans and sometimes get married into the master's family some even become royals later. That was the perception they had for slaves, remember it was the European who brought the chains and Ghana was having slaves without chain meaning they could walk freely and sometimes are even sent as messengers to give or take information from another town they come back because they were not treated bad and in a period of time they become freed. Some of the slaves were criminals put in prisons and were traded to the Europeans, some were also captured by the Whiteman in their own field against their will ,well Ghana is just apologizing for their part and some black folks say payback is what they need, fire burn you!!!
    Even if the leaders didn't partake in the slavery the whiteman would have gotten away with the slave cuz guess what they got the guuuuuuuns πŸ”«, and with the gun every mortal being mellows.
    Get things right and let come together.
    And stop hating.
    The tribes of Ghana still have ancient Hebrew cultures like it or not.
    You black people in the new world sometimes don't even have a trace not to talk about having.
    Am an eve from levi tribe in Ghana, the Gads are also here,Dan tribe are in Da-homey in Benin.Stop being ignorant and learn.
    As from the priesthood side it's a duty to teach you sense.
    Know the Ledge
    Cuz Knowledge is power.
    And power conquers.
    Peace be with the Scattered.

  11. No thanks ,they gon pay ..
    .its not the shemites Africans that has to Say sorry ……its. the hamites. They Gon pay its to late to say sorry

  12. It just shows you the lack of integrity. They are now apologizing because the 400 years are up and they understand that they, and their descendants will be partakers of the curses that are going to be removed from Judah and placed on all their enemies (this includes all who assisted in the transatlantic slave trade). They've known about this for years but wait till the clock strikes 11:59:59 to apologize. They understand the power of covenants and know that the Bible is a book of covenants as we're their actions when their ancestors assisted with the slave trade.

  13. They can Apologize all they want but it’s still not going to change Judgement of the most High! They were confederate and consulted against thy hidden ones

  14. Listen to him carefully it was brother against brothers, it was demand and supply it wasn't against any particular group or tribe so those of you who waiting for the God to bring you back to the so call promise land find something meaningful for your lives. Demand and supply is still going between brothers trading cocain among themselves. It was planned thing Europeans needed our services because of their so call superior race. Remember they also colonized the rest of Mother land.

  15. Apology not accepted. They should pay reparations too. If it werent for the Ashanti and other belligerent tribes like them, there would be no Trans Atlantic Slave trade.

  16. I am a black Africans and stand against thia narrative that has been pushed by the perpetrators of slavery, that somehow 400 hundreds years ago, fellow black Africans sold their brothers into slavery. This such a ridiculous statement , knowing the behaviour of the white man and the tribulations they have brought to the world, to believe that to enslave our brothers and sisters some sort of agreement needed to be established with the local inhabitants. They came came to Africa with guns against unarmed peaceful living afrcans.
    Now you tell me, when a thief break into your house, does he need you to sell to him what he came to steal from you?
    So, please be smart and stop believing their lies. Anyway we, in Africa still have great historians such Theophile OBENGA and the late Sheik Anta Diop who have come out to provide the real history of slavery.

  17. Powerful!! Life changing, thank you Deborah YAH πŸ’ for sharing and caring. Don't stop!! Tears..,.

  18. what about going to Israel to Jerusalem? aren't the original people supposed to return there? can you explain that to me? please

  19. I accept your apology,,,, your not all the blame in this,, we as the children of Israel have to take a look at ourselfs and say we are also to blame for our captivity,, because we were warn of what disobedience to the Most High laws and commandments going into the Promise land would bring on Israel and their future children for generations to come,, we knew,,,, yet we did,,,and this was the outcome of it,,,,the first blame is on us,,,,yet i feel more closer to my African family now,, because we all made huge mistakes,,, and it takes a humble man to admit them,,,and that Chief of Ghana admitted theirs,,, so all is forgiven and all is forgotten,,,,bless be the Most High

  20. Yes and amen ! Now let the healing begin from the inside !πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™€οΈπŸ™‹πŸ½

  21. Wow! This is very eye opening and powerful! Being from the Caribbean this hits home. It's all coming together and apart for our enemies.

  22. I repent to the Most High for my family sins …look up the Museum in Amherstburg Ontario, where my family escaped from Angolia..


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