Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. Titus 2:8

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  1. points of observation if you are sitting above and object as opposed to sitting aside an object the views as described, as it is written in the scripture are understood a footstool can and will be seen as a circle for you are above this object, as to be seen from aside where it's seen as an arch …. and why would the U.N use as a symbol of its logo how it's depicted in the scriptures? Now I've got a question for Him, …Is WATER WET?!…even when it's frozen or in a mist and its liquid form can it exist in all 3 states at the same time in one place in one containment? Is it still water …facts of an observation again I'm just asking for a friend?

  2. How do you explain the Scriptures/Bible, that stated that the Heavenly Father has his Angles guarding the 4 corners of the Earth.
    Thank you ,Thoughts Camera Action for exposing Elon Musk, I only recently saw his face, before it was his name, I keep hearing every where and I wanted to vomit every time I hear Elon Musk name. Now I know why I feel the way I do.

  3. It is obvious that he is blatantly deceiving or clearly does not know anything about the flat earth…he should feel soooo embarrassed…its excruciating hearing him talk. I seriously don't know how anyone could believe anything that comes out of his mouth. 🤮🤦🏾‍♀️

  4. Woahhh…What do it matter (Black American diction), if the earth is flat or a circle…Our Creator created them all…ALL of creation is HIS creation,,,That my people, is what is absolutely AWESOME! Marvel on that. Remember, His thoughts are HIGHER than ours…Isaiah 55:9

  5. Feminin spirit exposed towards the end of the video after he aaaaaaa,🤭there's a thing I see all over power seekers they get the hungriest guy who will agree with a thing even if it's wrong for he's afraid to loose the stale bread 🍞

  6. I tried to explain this to a brother on Facebook about GOCC I even mentioned some of your videos to him and I got blocked… He said the enemy is going to go hard because he knows he has but a short while longer…

  7. WOW! This video truly opened my eyes…about how many of our people have been DUPED into believing the earth is flat. Not an intelligent scientific response in ONE COMMENT!

    Meanwhile every single person commenting has used some form of GPS..GLOBAL POSITIONING SATELLITE technology which ONLY works on a GLOBED EARTH! SMH! If the earth was FLAT all you'd need is to put that same tech on a tall building or mountain.

    I've been waiting SEVEN YEARS for the scriptures that OBJECTIVELY (NOT SUBJECTIVELY) describe the earth as being FLAT! Haven't heard one YET!

    I can't stand Elder Rawchaa but even a BROKE CLOCK is right twice a day.

    And FTR, BOTH my parents, mom & stepdad, worked for NASA when I was teenager. My mom did the 80's version SAME JOB those women "computers" did in the movie, "Hidden Figures." Stepdad was a computer engineer who helped write programs that launched the space shuttles beyond that "solid dome" y'all are convinced were sitting under. Wake up family! Y'all getting fed some bull…again! Just like they used to tell our ancestors on the plantation wild stories & superstitious old wives tales to prove how "silly" and unintelligent their slaves were. Massa still up to his old tricks, I see. Still feeding the slaves a BUNCH OF BULL so he can see how many will GOBBLE IT UP compared to the ones who SEE RIGHT THROUGH IT!


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