Graphene-based sensors for biomedicine and brain-machine interfaces (MWC 2016)

This exciting technology, presented at the Mobile World Congress 2016, is being tested in animal models. The graphene sensors interacting with the brain could have therapeutic applications and pave the way for the design of new brain-machine interfaces.

This technology is possible thanks to an interdisciplinary collaboration between research Groups from ICN2, IDIBAPS and CNM-IMB-CSIC-CIBER-BBN. The sensors will be presented in Barcelona, during the Mobile World Congress (February 2016), at the Graphene Flagship’s Graphene Pavilion.

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  1. y para cuando implantes neuronales ? me refieroa implantes sin ser intrusivo… algo como pegatinas para ampliacion de memoria o almacenamiento de toda la biblioteca fisica o leyes asi solo hay que leer ya que no tenemos el control total de nuestra memoria como un ordenador tiene al escribir sobre un SDD.


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