'Grateful to POTUS and people of US,' Zelensky meets Blinken and Austin in Kyiv | World News

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky met US secretary of state Anthony Blinken and US defense secretary Lloyd Austin in Kyiv, it was Zelensky’s first meeting with the top US official since the invasion began in February.

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Comment (45)

  1. When is the USA and NATO going to realize Russia will not stop fitting until they destroy all of Ukraine and claim Ukraine as part if Russia. Russia has a countless supply of men , equipment, armament, a large airforce, endless supply if missiles, tactical necular armament and ICBMs. If a meaningful agreement had been obtained, this war could have been avoided.

  2. PUTIN is in fact likie a demented lover who, rejected by his sweetheart, says to her "IF I CAN'T HAVE YOU, WELL-then NOBODY CAN — and he proceeds grab her throat and stangle her! But this time PUTIN IS BEING J U D G E D by all the other nations on earth — and they will find him G U I L T Y on A L L C H A R G E S (even his former ally CHINA will awaken to the monster she had been wrongly backing-and the good people of CHINA will help reign LAWLESS PUTIN in — if it seem slow well —wa it for it. The "bruised reed, he dimly flickering wick: will be finally extinguished–and lawness men will learn that when V I L E L I A R S R U L E the wicked walk on every side (Psalm 12)

  3. Grateful for what! We American don't agree to anything Biden and his administration did! Why because they protect ULKRAINE from RUSSIA INVADING, and not protecting its own country borders from illegal immigrants, that they caused. That's an invasion too! And top it off Biden and his administration uses our money to help ULKRAINE but couldn't use our own money to build our walls!

  4. It appears that Zelensky is making millions while the people die! All the money people raised is NOT going to the people! War makes governments rich and people dead…

  5. He met " Democrats"the very people laughing behind his back,the very people who Instigated the war,the very people who abandoned Ukraine,the very same people who Sanctioned them….yes that is news,!!

  6. America should be minding its own affairs. It has distributed anarchy all over the world it’s very shameful for Americans being the leader & doing unbelievable things in other countries.

  7. All these big shots making photo ops while woman and children are still trapped in the steel plant. Seems rescue plan would be high priority not bigger gun deals..

  8. Zelensky should be asking Azov to allow the civilians trapped in the Steel Works to leave & provide humanitarian support. Enough with the weapons 🙄

  9. ‘In 1990, after being approached by a Kuwaiti expatriate in New York, Hill & Knowlton took on "Citizens for a Free Kuwait."[37] The objective of the national campaign was to raise awareness in the United States about the dangers posed by Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein to Kuwait.[37]
    Hill & Knowlton conducted a $1 million study to determine the best way to win support for strong action.[38] H & K had the Wirthington Group conduct focus groups to determine the best strategy that would influence public opinion.[39] The study found that an emphasis on atrocities, particularly the incubator story, was the most effective.[39]
    Hill & Knowlton is estimated to have been given as much as $12 million by the Kuwaitis for their public relations campaign.’

  10. dont be fooled … these two traitors are in rammstein and kiev to plan false flag actions and then blame it on the russians … it is time that we expelled the american traitors from Germany … close all barracks and send the soldiers and their families back to USA … Germany belongs to the Germans
    ✊🏻🇩🇪🦅 … we must not be occupied any longer …

  11. Peace negotiation will start after Russia leaves Ukraine lands.
    Do you agree?
    If not Ukrainians are always willing to die for their Lands, like all people in the world.

  12. Zelensky, you fool, grateful for what ? They used your country and watched it being destroyed.

  13. La livraison d'armes occidentales à l'Ukraine transforme naturellement la guerre en Ukraine en troisième guerre mondiale entre le BLOC EST et le BLOC OUEST. La Guerre en Ukraine Profite à BIDEN qui vend ses armes. Elle fait affaiblir l'Ukraine et la Russie. Elle met l'Europe dans une situation très difficile. L'ONU doit donner le pouvoir à la Chine (neutre) pour imposer un cessez le feu.

    The delivery of Western weapons to Ukraine naturally turns the war in Ukraine into a third world war between the EASTERN BLOC and the WESTERN BLOC. The war in Ukraine benefits BIDEN who sells his weapons. It weakens Ukraine and Russia. It puts Europe in a very difficult situation. The UN must give power to (neutral) China to impose a ceasefire.!!

  14. FULLY SUPPORT UKRAINE! Agree with Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley: " Global International Security Order is at stake following Russia's invasion of Ukraine."

  15. USA 🇺🇸 Administration better Think 💭 very cariful don’t Push 🇷🇺 in Corner that Will Mean Nuclear ☢️ H C

  16. The hear the news how putin is killed innocent people but Indian continue be in Russian side cuz Their bussiness and depending from them .they heartless country take the good from all countries but not willing to vote for sanctions against their friend PUTIN AND ALSO FORGET AND IGNORE PEOPLE DIED IN Ukranian. But if was them to invade they will ask Power countries help. Their Gods not saving them for being heartless . 🙏

  17. I am interested to hear this news because this is Mr. Zelenskyy meeting with US Prime Minister I have no idea if they want produce another movie

  18. This type of thing is so wrong. No courty needs to expandable by killing citizens of other nations. Russia is the l'argent country on earth. Nato was nearly finished when putin started his invasion. This make no sense. For any country usa, China, Russia or india.

  19. They signed an agreement a long time ago that NATO will not expand across the water by Russia and I did anyway that’s why we went to war and 2014 and now 2022 NATO’s getting closer to Russia they signed an agreement not to Russia has the right to bomb them

  20. Zelensky is the problem and it’s all staged. Zelensky honestly does not care for the Ukrainian lives. Drama unfolding.

  21. Vasyl Petrovych, the newly surfaced ground mice programmed on a mission of poverty infliction. Vasya is an actor , essentially an executor of instructions by a director, and as a Ukraine president, the dipshit is essentially a drunk( hold off the liquor fool), loudmouthed puppet or the keenest savagery. It may be be fun of human liver burger marinated with piss.
    Snickering rat.


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