Gravitas: A Chinese military base in the pacific?

A draft security treaty between China and Solomon Islands has leaked. It could pave the way for a Chinese military base in the Solomons. Australia is raising an alarm. Palki Sharma tells you more.

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Comment (46)

  1. Entering into agreements is the game plan of china to increase its military bases globally which may have its adverse effects to both the host and guest counties on the long run. Sri Lanka Bangladesh pakistan are the best examples of this result. Only time is the best judge. Jai Bharath

  2. So who was it in the Solomons who signed the deal? His people are fed up with China, that much is clear, so why a deal to allow a base on their soil? Offer one to Australia too.

  3. China imports and exports over 20% of the world's goods crossing the border. Great economic power comes with great responsibility. If India can increase its GDP to China's level, I am sure India will do the same.

  4. All evil starts with greed. Wanting whats not yours or wanting more of power and pleasure. If ppl be content with wat they have, or at least don't steal then it would be heaven on earth.

  5. The evidence is there China bid to take over the world and yet the world still does nothing maybe the world is waiting until its to late good strategy world

  6. If a particular country's military base brings threat to the locals of the place. Then all military bases of nonlocals must be a threat and should be stopped.

  7. Western superiority idea is shown when they feel jealous and insecure about a shift in global power to China. China's rise is always seen as a threat by the US and its allies show their biased attitude who thinks always Whites should lead the world.

  8. WION is always negative about China and Pakistan. Never watch WION for subjects covering these two countries.

  9. When White Nations do this, it's okay. When non-White Nations do this, everyone is alarmed including India. It isn't like China was the one that colonized India and most of Asia. Two nations share a similar history in what the European and American nations have done across the globe.



  12. People should watch Patrick Lancaster. He's live in Ukraine and surrounding areas. He has been covering the war for eight years interviewing citizens. It appears to me things aren't anything like they have tried to portray

  13. The Chinese governments intentions are not necessarily for war but to intimidate the Australian government to be silent and not say or do anything that the Chinese government might not like. Odds are with a Chinese navy base in the Solomon Islands there would regularly be Chinese navy ships sailing up and down the east coast of Australia to disturb and annoy the Australian government. .If not all the time then just to make a point when the Chinese government heard something they didn't like. Normally with a navy base they build a military airport for fighter jets. These fighter jets could potentially fly a long way into Australia and have missles that could be fired a long way. Which could mean a range possibly to New South Wales. However fotunately the Chinese government have these new aircraft carriers which means that potentially they could attack anywhere they wanted arounnd most of Australia including N.S.W. and Victoria. I heard recently on the internet that America is building or has built docks for ships in Malaita which is part of the Solomon Islands. Supposedly they want independence from the Solomon Islands to become an independant separate country. A government official supposedly said the locals want to have a referendum on the issue to see if things will move in that direction. As an independent nation they could possibly allow American Navy ships to use the docks if they are in deep enough waters or docks leading to deeper waters might be built. However if the Americans do not use the docks somewhat as a base they have possibly been building them in order to help the Chinese navy use in there naval operations expansion and will likely feel appreciative for the American federal governments efforts to do this for them. If the American government wanted to they could help the locals do a referendum or provide them support in doing so to decide in they want to become a separate country in their own right. However this might be seen as political interferance by the Solomon Islands government. Basically if the American government is allowed they might be able to use Malaita docks area as a bit of a Navy Base if the docks are in deep enough water for American navy ships to use or get close to.

  14. Australia has about 34 navy ships China has about 400. China could have another 30 or more navy ships under construction construction and most people would not know (except those using sattelite immagery).

  15. why only usa can build bases around the globe and no eyebrows are raised? this channel needs to get some real news and cease its political bias.

  16. Don’t you think, she gaslighting the situation? Profusely highlighting China is threatening Western? How is that?

  17. this channel need show indian soldiers how to raise both of hands quickly when facing soldiers from pakistan China nepal bangladesh and myanmar. the USA call them a string of pearls or a noose of gallows bluntly by the rest of the world. to save indian soldiers life is more important than territory gains, that is what indian soldier's family wanted, it cannot be wrong when indian decent family want it, hell bend to nibble other country territory is wrong and dangerous, and put indian soldiers head into a noose of gallows is immoral。

  18. China wants to invade Australia to take the natural resources. Nuke the two big cities, Sydney and Melbourne, then take the rest of the continent.

  19. Finally salomon island going to be like syria Iraq afghanistan libya… Now Australian prime more worried. See it's back firing them… What all atrocities they committed in Afghanistan the military personal raped many women in Afghanistan. Investigation going on. They joined with America and NATO allies. Destroying the countries. With no one permission. But in this case govt of salomon invited china.. I wish they should have base in that country.. . .

  20. These islands has been neglected by Western countries like that of Africa now a country showed help and cooperation now these neglecting countries have change thier attitude what hipocrities !!!

  21. Chinese made shit army shit navel shit AF shit police oll chinese trayaks in Chinese parliament chinese made ☣☣☣ Chinese as got sud by WHO 😡 in 1980 chinese parliament rould trayaks rawodis Chinese ones

  22. Who are these people called Australians? They are simply a large bunch of Euros (mostly Anglos) who just grabbed the continent, slaughtered the brown Natives (as other Euros did in America) and coolly settled in the new lands. They have no plans to return to Europe, their homeland. This is the usual Euro pattern of conquest of brown lands. And they are Christians too.


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