Gravitas: A royal disaster: William & Kate in the Caribbean

Prince William and Kate are in the Caribbean to mark Queen Elizabeth’s platinum jubilee. The visit has been criticised as a PR disaster by royal watchers in Britain. Palki Sharma tells you why the Caribbean is not buying this royal cringe.

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Comment (29)

  1. Why should he say sorry when it's not his own fault? Becareful with what you say. What may have happened in the past its not hisfault. William is amenable tp what they want. Let see few years from now when they become independent.

  2. Colonization is part of every country's history and let us not blame the new generations for the wrongdoings of our forefathers. Be broadminded ……

  3. That's Right . . . Down with Esau's ass. It is all crumbling down around them and they [The Entire Clan of Esau] are doing all they can to hold on to the Power they felt so sure they once had. America' s ass is next . . . Read The Books of Revelation/Obadiah/Leviticus/Jeremiah/Job/Isaiah/The Gospels and The Apocrypha … Get ready to relish, as it should have been in "your" own bullshit . . . The Fall is Upon you Heathens . . .And, IDGAF who hates my comment . . . Truth is Truth. Get over it.

  4. Excellent reporting sister! It wasn't reported as such here in the US. Have to protect WS at all cost.

  5. "royalty" is not a real thing…and it Never Was. Anyone who believes in "royalty" in this day and age is an Idiot.

  6. The politicians recognize the queen as head of state. Not the majority if Bahamian people. I am one of them.🇧🇸🇧🇸🇧🇸

  7. Human are not aware that Prince w.duke is a hybrid. The founder of Facebook is also a hybrid. You are dealing with half human Demons .. and soon will control Earth with their Agenda from Lucifer's

  8. Yes but any ,british white tourist, will receive better treatment in, any indian tourist places , than any dark skin indian. We still have slave mentality and we dont question it !

  9. Slavery started white on black and the transatlantic slave trade started because black tribes in Africa made money from selling their enemies into slavery….

  10. As an Australian, I could never understand how someone who doesn't reside in the nation can be our Head of State.
    The Queen has spent a total of about 3 weeks in this country and yet she is the official Head of it.
    It is disgusting.

  11. brittish cringe… rekt 😀 . Australia is always discussing leaving then they throw a royal at us. bloody annoying.

  12. It’s no wonder that the sun never on the British Empire, because even God could not trust them in the dark.” – Shashi Tharoor

  13. It is not a disaster palki, the British Monarchy kept these colonial subjects they way they are today
    All the crises in Africa were caused by the British empire headed by the Queen

  14. India and all former colonies should completely ABOLISH INDEPENDENCE day and its celebrations, including any colonial celebrations like Waga border. If bunch of thieves, plunderers and rapist break into your house and tie entire family for few days and leave you after total devastation, would you annually celebrate incident or their leaving. Its trauma inflicted upon innocent and celebrations glorify those shameless animals who still enjoy the wealth stolen. Also gives a inferior sense to current kids. Please drop INDEPENDENT DAY or rename it as India family day or India greatness day etc if needed. Forgive but don't FORGET specially don't FORGET the lessons for our kids.

  15. Thank You for making this video. Till now I used to think I am the only to think that there is something wrong with modern day British monarchy , guess I mam not 😀

  16. It seems that generations and individuals are always twenty years behind the current crest. Very embarrassing.

  17. I dislike royals why should Caribbeans care about the royals that had them enslaved they owe entire money smh 🤦🏾‍♀️ haiti needs to do spain and france

  18. I was SUCH a fan of this channel, but this is just bullsh!t. Now you're doing exactly what all the other royal haters do, without understanding the reasons. I think your success has gone to your head.

  19. Great reporting. Straight to the point. The Royals are out of touch & must realise words are not compensation.


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