Gravitas: Boris Johnson, Rishi Sunak "broke the law"

The Metropolitan police has fined British PM Boris Johnson and Chancellor of Exchequer Rishi Sunak guilty of breaking lockdown rules. There are growing demands for their resignation. Molly Gambhir tells you why.

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Comment (34)

  1. I like the name "RISHI SUNAK".Though he doesn't have a Dandu(the stick on which Rishis used to rest their arms)…………..

  2. Give the man a break he had a cake put in front of him move on there were a lot of labour parties and media parties.


  4. If Russia can't take down Ukraine why is the rest of the world world about Russia. If World War 3 is imminent, then do what we got to do by any means necessary. I'm tired of Russia threatening the US and everybody shaking like a leaf on a tree please!

  5. There isn't enough apologies this man can give to the utter embarassment he is to some of us. It isn't just on this issue, but many issues.

    Remember No10 always has a police officer outside and security.

  6. I am curious this kind of transparency is asked of Indian politicians? I never see it or heard it in this channel. Ms. Sharma snd rest of the crew are always so judgmental about Americans and the British, but not about Indian politicians or Putin. Am I the only one having this opinion???

  7. There more serious issues to sort out…stop dwelling on past and move on. Sort out soaring prices when help poor and working class are struggling with price rises and again in autumn we will all be in most worst off situation when another hike is expected on gas and electricity. Tough times ahead. Opposition party’s aim is to bring down the politicians and PM. They themselves can’t do better so try to dig the dirt to bring down the current party. Cooperate and help struggling citizens.

  8. Wow you have it rather tough in UK….
    Come to india here politicians believe it is their birth right to break laws…

  9. British politicians know how to accept Their breaking the low problem….but Indian Politicians OMG😧😧😧

  10. In india BJP MLAs in karanataka we’re caught watching porn in assembly. No one cares and law doesn’t apply to power-full.

  11. 1000 rs fine for common man for no 😷
    And leader did huge rallies in India.
    Good to see rules are applicable to pm in uk.

  12. 😃😄😁🤣ahahahaaaaaa🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Typical huh? The hypocricy of democracy, the atitude of being privileged & hubris — can do no wrong. The arbitrary practice of excusing self as above the law that everyone else must follow. Sick sad screwy huh? 🤨😐😑😔

  13. Typical Indian. Want to sail with legs in two boats. Want to have the best of both worlds. Want to live in the west , enjoy it's luxuries, drumbeat about how India is poor and underdeveloped, and Yet cheat and not pay taxes like inheritance tax in the country where you live. Hilarious thing is hearing her father lecturing on morality.

  14. When Boris can lie to UK citizens looking them straight in their eyes…. How can anyone else hear what he or his party members, especially Liz Truss say in public and on the world political stage??????????????????

  15. The original DNA of Indians runs in blood of Mr. Rishi Sunak. Once you become politician and get ministerial post, don't leave that post or resign even if charges of wrong doing by you are proved until you are kicked off.Also give benefits to your close relatives of your post and allow them to do all those things which are illegal. Mr. Rishi Sunak , sorry to say but you have missed the chance of becoming next Prime minister.

  16. Why you supprised the Poloticians are crooked and deceitful, it is part of the job of being a Polotician.

  17. 🤬🤬🤬
    Your apologies is useless
    You broke the law, and
    You must be kicked out of the government


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