Gravitas: Can France and India bring peace to Ukraine?

France and India are uniquely placed to push for a diplomatic solution to the war in Ukraine. Both PM Narendra Modi and President Emmanuel Macron have direct lines of communication with Moscow & Kyiv. Can France & India bring peace to Ukraine? Palki Sharma tells you more.

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Comment (49)

  1. India has been is and should remain neutral, this war was imposed by US/West/Nato on Ukraine, its not our war to interfere.
    Let the West sort out its mess for once…UNLAWFUL, UNPROVOKED, pretty controversial words…maybe west should look unto their actions.

  2. Why can not because God is with France and India. Because people of these countries have pure hearts.

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  4. Paris is aset ISIS cancer is tammuzmanuel&nimrod semiramisis yessed yessed yessed nicgilrammesh lugulbanda humbaba.

  5. To answer the question in short, "No!"…..Putin is blood thirsty and clearly doesn't even care about his own troops.

    I like both countries (Especially France) but I believe they will be wasting their time.

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  7. Wion news presenters trying to speak posh English lol what a joke! Remember who ruled use! Stick to cricket!!!!!

  8. How could India and France bring peace to Ukraine? How,Wion? How? Especially India that is doubling their purchases of russian oil,going against the world trend here that works towards decreasing dependency of russian oil and thereby decreasing russian possibilities of funding their war machine. India chose to instead help Russia further. How can that help ending the war,how can that help Ukraine? Putin doesnt respect people or countries that cowe down to him for economical reasons. Im sure instead that he is happy over it,say some polite words openly about them and despies them behind closed doors. You cant bring peace by fueling the russian war efforts with double amount purchases of oil..russias biggest source of income. Instead India,that have no plans of even trying to become russian oil free,is helping russia attacking a peaceful country.


  10. President Putin need to stop his war in Ukraine and 🛑 stop killing innocent people, enough is enough, no more killing.

  11. There is nothing India & France can do till the time Russia hasn't achieved some strategic territory in Ukraine & this will only happen when Russia is in control of Ukrainian Coastline.

    The realistic thing India can do is to request Russia to wrap up its Military operation in Ukraine.

    To do that Russia must capture Odessa ASAP even if it requires using weapons like FOAB.

  12. Indian-Govt should sign deals with France for:-
    (1) Additional 6 to 12 Kalvari-SSKs with DRDO's AIP-system

    (2) Rafale-M jets for IN

    (3) Additional C-295 aircraft to replace all An-32 in IAF's inventory.

  13. ==== ये पागल औरत जिसका नाम गुलाब है :————– ये ही कारण थे भारत की गुलामी का ….. जो डरपोक हिन्दू अंग्रेजों का मल उठाकर बस नौकरी करते रहे ….

    बदले में अपने हिन्दू को नफरत से देखते रहे … की देखो हम तो अंग्रेजो की टट्टी उठाकर साहब बन गए … तुम मिटटी में रहकर बस गंवार हो !!!

    …… इसलिए इन लोगो की बात ना करें !!!

    ….. कल यही औरत ( इनके जैसे विपक्ष/बुद्दिजीवी /भ्रष्ट नौकरशाह ) कहेगी :— देखो इस PM को क्या क्या कोरिया में डिनर के लिए chopsticks उपयोग करना आता है ???

    ==== ये मुर्ख लोग भारत की संस्कृति के नहीं हैं !!!

    जो अंग्रेजों की गुलामी में आत्मा दे चुके :——– उन्हें भारत के शासन में सम्मान किसने दिया ????

    ========= हमारी convent शिक्षा ने !!!

    यदि यह शिक्षा भारतीय नहीं हुई तो ————— ऐसे लोग ऐसी औरत ऐसे धूर्त नौकरशाह ऐसे लालची नेता पैदा होते रहेंगे …. जिनको भारती संस्कृति के अलावा बाकी सब अच्छा लगेगा !!!

    हमें अब चेत जाना चाहिए !!!

    …………………. देखा ना EU का जो भी देश हो वहां का नागरिक —- इंग्लिश जानते हुए भी आप से इंग्लिश में नहीं बोलेंगे – झक मारकार आपको उनके भाषा के शब्द सीखने होंगें !!!


    फिर भारत के ही नपुंशक और विदेशी गीत गाने वाले परेशान क्यों ???? ……. अभी क्योंकि भारत का हिन्दू धर्म अभी अंगडाई ले रहा है !!

    भला ही इस अँगड़ाई को मोदी सरकार ही कुचल रही …. फिरभी हिन्दू धर्म जाग्रत हो रहा !!!

    किन्तु जहाँ हिन्दू को मोदी को कोसना चाहिए …………… ये धूर्त लोग ही कोस रहे ???

    मोदी को भी अब जागना होगा ……….. जो वो नबी बनने की राह पर है वो रस्ता केवल अंधेर कोठरी में जाता है !!!

  14. I must admit that PM Modi has made a great stride toward becoming a World leader, one can look up to. Great achievement. He has surrounded himself with people with good intelligence and great intellectuality, like US President Ronald Regan. I must also admit I was not a great fan of his during the Covid-19 saga. As a great leader, he should have acted on it much earlier to mitigate the catastrophe that engulfed the unfortunate mass and address the people. Right now, he could use his diplomatic influence to end this unwanted misery for the Ukrainian people. This is the 21st century and they do not deserve this. India, you now have the clot to be the moral leader of the World.

  15. So what is important is not Nato pumping more weapons taking this proxy war to East ukraine? Crimea? Ceasefire doesn't imply Ukraine to stop it's offensive on Donbas?

  16. Macron an outsider? Wasn't he one of selected ONE the Young Global Leader's( founded by Klaus Schwab) alongwith New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardren and many others? Palki ,your ignorance is just stupendous

  17. I am sure india will take stand with NATO and agaist russia. Cause I know this fool government. And don't forget France can blackmail india on raffle deal.🤣🤣 Whole country will pay price..

  18. "Transfer technology" that's all we want…🇮🇳
    Indian defence industry is very huge..all thanks to our neighbours…
    France has made a very intellectual decision "to become investor' rather than seller..

  19. India ek jaahil gawar pagal democracy jo outdated aur West ka maha jaal hai.
    Sab minority laws ko khatam karo jaahil Hindus. Aur sab Hindustani muslims aur christians ko wapas convers karo Hindu me.
    Jo na maane to laat maar kar west bhejo ya pakostan.


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