Gravitas: Can India stabilise the global wheat market?

The war in Ukraine has triggered a global food crisis with many countries reporting wheat shortages. Can India – the second-largest wheat producer – step in and stabilise the market? Palki Sharma tells you.

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Comment (42)

  1. Good for farmers, they definitely can use this help after 700+ lives were lost in protest in New Delhi.

  2. A global food shortage coming, especially for African countries, followed by mass migrations north, towards Europe . How will EU cope with the inflation, the migration, not enough gas, not enough food, not enough electricity , not good signs 🤷🤔 Will Russia be willing to sell it's grain ? It will be more valuable than its oil or gas .

  3. Domestically we have fu…ed ,steel exports ,all exports and no domestic consumption. No develpement work in South India

  4. Why not government itself export the excess stock in the government godowns ? Once exported, our godowns will be up to the occasion next year also, only due importance be given to farmers ' issues.

  5. Zimbabwe used to lead but due to selfish and evil regime , all the farms were looted and went into Bentleys and luxurious living …. So embarrassing

  6. My God, Palki can you train our MSM blondes in Australia to become actual journalists please? You actually treat your audience like intelligent beings! you go girl!

  7. Wheat is terrible for you, anyway. Grow more protein rich foods. Now is the time to reengineer our food supply.

  8. Pity they don't crack down on the phone scammers. 😲
    India good friends with Putin, buy a lot of military weapons and oil. 🙄

  9. India is predominantly an agricultural country and can produce enough to feed at least 25% of the world population.

  10. More exports and minimise imports. See the pitiful condition of srilanka. They have less foreign reserve

  11. This is the perfect chance for to be best in the business, by exporting wheat and introducing and UPI to Russia.

  12. I don't know if Bollywood will ever be able to sell the soft power of India to the world, but Palki and WION will definitely do so and I'm sure of it.

  13. Together, India, Pakistan, China, Russia and the continent of Africa can upstage the entire Western Empire and build stronger supply chains

  14. 2 years wasted…in making farm bills & keeping protest to go….farm bills should hv lifted earlier….this would hv changed the world game right now….sad 🚩 👍👌

  15. We should not export to many countries as it would raise the cost at home. Already India is facing increased oil, gas and commodities rates since last few months.

  16. In India, free food is distributed to poor 24×7 365 days in Indian temple and gurudwara….when I was child, I also used to go to eat free food because it feels very delicious special Desi ghee suzi halwa….😂 😂


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