Gravitas: China in the Solomons: A result of Australia's blunder?

China has locked a security pact with the Solomon Islands.
Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison is being accused of complacency.
Molly Gambhir tells you why Morrison is facing heat.

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Comment (27)

  1. Solomon islands need economic development and many years of Western ties have not brought that development. In many ways we have exploited these countries and pillaged their resources andyes, maybe thats what China may also do. They now have a fairly strong position to bargain for getting the best out of both parties.

  2. Solomon islands have already had massive riots last time it was mentioned china wanted to put chinese security on solomons and australia and new zealand put police and soldiers there to stem violance but china obviously have been flashing cash around and i dare say corrupt polotitions on the islands have been sucked in hook line and sinker do so recearch on the solomons prime minister i bet hes come into largs sums of money recently this is not australias fault nor scott morrisons the fact is chinese ccp have taken the opportunity to make its move on the solomons whilst the russian war is takeing all the headlines china has no interest in the solomons but has now got its foot in the south pacific military will follow and cause trouble to shiping and chinese fishing boats will strip the sea of fish stock THIS is the worst thing thats happened in the south pacific since ww2 and china has been makeing its transition around all these small countrys unchallenged by anyone

  3. It's simple. Australia should stop exports/ imports to/from Solomon Islands. Expel all Solomon citizens from Australia, no work/tour visas to Solomon citizens. Australia should issue a statement like…."Any kind of attack from Solomon Islands on Australia would wipe out Solomon Islands completely". Enough rest will b taken care by Solomon citizens.

  4. The irony is the USA took Hawaii from its people because it was a strategic point in the pacific, and they are trying to tell china they can't do the same please. Hypocrisy at its finest, one rule for thee but not for me.

  5. Solomon island is not a colony of India or US or Australia. She can choose who she wants to ally with. It is her freedom. She does not need mentorship. If they were sincere to the soverignity of Solomon Island and did not abuse the domestic affairs of Solomon Island, she wont need to find support from China.

  6. Stop sending the Solomon's money australia and see how they go with China. When the people of the Solomon's want to migrate to Australia tell em to fk off .

  7. The solomon Islands just signed their death warrant.
    Filthy traitor scum bags are going to get blown to dust as soon as the war begins…. and rightfully so.
    Worthless parasites

  8. Australia has its chance to secure the Solomon Islands but chose to delay therefore giving rise to an opportunity for the Chinese. No one to blame but themselves

  9. it's like saying agreements between nations should be made public regardless if it's vital to their security.. i doubt even india will do that..

  10. WION has to shit on CHINA deliberately. Solomon Islands has made the decision and that’s all about it. As a sovereign nation, it takes its own interest to account.Aussie and US folks need to chill and think about strengthening strategic political ties. Stop being the cry babies.

  11. Ha. Solomon Islands can do what they want. No where in the agreement did it say that China will open up a base in the Solomon Islands. That's just dellusional western thinking. Don't believe me? Ask the leader of Solomon islands!

  12. It was a dumb thing for Australia to support, maybe instigated an Opposition riot in the Solomon islands in 2019 that targeted Chinese business and the elected government. Such interference resulted in the government seeking to balance Australia's influence by signing a similar security deal with China. Australia screwed themselves. No sovereign state likes to be bullied or manipulated, this is the Solomon's middle finger to Australia.


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