Gravitas: China secures industrial park in Kabul

The Taliban have approved a Chinese industrial park in the city of Kabul. What will the new project mean for China’s designs in Afghanistan? Palki Sharma tells you why Beijing will be wary in the graveyard of empires.

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Comment (36)

  1. WTF the Taliban doing a deal with t ultimate infidel who at this very minute is wiping out Muslims in China. …? U deserve each other

  2. I wouldn't mind if the Chinese plundered Afghanistan, at least the Afghanistans will have some crumbles to pick up and it. The Americans just killed them for years on end!!!

  3. The words used are incorrect. Plunder resources should be buy resources. The Chinese have to pay market price for the resources. The Taliban needs the money especially when Americans sanctions their assets. I wish the commmentator should be more objective in her report.

  4. Chinese only want Profit, Profit and profit….A typical Capitalist in the Communist's veil🙂🙂

  5. I think Chinese are real buisness man
    They need profit no matter u are taliban Or usa or their rival

  6. that is a gamble for talibans and chinese government but as long as both benefit from it they will push through.. but of course they think china would play fair for them? these two are both opportunists in nature.. well find out later..

  7. China cunning but bright, hard to bit, hate it or love it. Hope all endeavour be a success for peace & progress of Afghan people.

  8. I heard China promise to build a freeway network in Afghanistan to connect all provincial capitals of Afghanistan.

  9. It means development and money to the Taliban govt and more able to feed their children
    It will provide jobs and make their goods more exportable.

    When one deals with China it is all developments and jobs . No guns and no sanctions to hurt the children.
    This is China. A gift to the world .

  10. Can't blame China. India engage in humantrain aid but not looking its business and strategic interest.

  11. Time and again great powers think they can do something in Afghanistan that the others just before them did not succeed doing. Mark my words: in decade or so the Chinese army will invade Afghanistan in hopes to get some of their invested money back and to protect the infrastructure they built and then they will withdraw from there in disgrace like every other power did just before them and the country will be as poor and as undeveloped when they do. The only venture that will ever succeed in Afghanistan is selling small arms and explosives.

  12. hello guys quick fact
    afghanistan fell to taliban
    now taliban will be debt trapped by china soon [upcoming story]

  13. Sounds like China is a banana stucked forever in yr throat. We Asean people – in particuler , in Singapore and Malaysia – have noticed you got a personal vendetta directed against the good Chinese people. Tell us why?

  14. The Taliban exclaims their Islamic credentials yet welcomes a country that is forcibly converting Uighur Muslims to the CCP hegemony. From my understanding of the Quran is that this is definitely haram what the CCP is doing to the Uighurs.

  15. Russia was invited in Afganistan a d in Syria unlike Americans in Afganistan and Syria. . When the Russians left, the Afghan government survived two years before being destroyed by the American created and armed Mujahideen
    who became the Taliban. After that… blowback and the towers coming down.
    Russia was invited in by the Syrians; the US is currently occupying Syrian oil fields and stealing the oil on a daily basis. All of this is openly presented in left/right/corporate/alternative media…
    Every day, US bombs are raining down on Yemen. Ever day the US is waving a big military stick at Iran in the Persian Gulf.

  16. People in comments claiming China is doing good by dealing with Taliban.
    Claiming Taliban acquired Afghanistan as a country for equal standing with Pakistan and China.

    Do you guys not realise what Taliban is?
    Are you all inbred or what

  17. Every country should try to eradicate Taliban (Terrorist organisation)instead they want to accept their power and claim them a nation and do trades with them??
    What's the world been turned into.

  18. After tasting sour grapes in Pakistan, Afghanistan is on their radar. 🇵🇰 has become a no go zone for Chinese. Let's see, future is something difficult to predict.

  19. China has great policy
    I admire it
    They don't talk about human rights bullshit just how to make money
    China's way of running it's country like a mafiya is very great


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