Gravitas: Clashes in Shanghai over lockdown evictions

Residents of Shanghai clashed with the local police after they were forced to surrender their home for quarantine facilities. China’s zero-covid policy has sparked public anger. Molly Gambhir tells you about the rising discontent.

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Comment (39)

  1. Rising China my foot. See how in-human people are being treated. Shame on Chinese leadership. What you sow is what you reap out of Wuhan virus.

  2. People commenting here don’t even realize that this situation will come to all of us soon, to all the world. All our Governments are bought and payed and sold to the WEF and the NWO. This kind of governance is what they are planning to implement with their agenda 2030. People still sleeping and thinking it will get better, this is just willful thinking. If all the people in the world don’t react and start protesting and taking down their corrupt politicians this is what they will bring to all of us. China communist party rules. WAKE UP PEOPLE OF THE WORLD!!! WE CAN DO IT, WE STILL HAVE TIME TO REVERSE THIS!!!

  3. Were those filthy sample of humans kicking people’s heads? Chinese people needs to organize themselves and revolt. This is absolutely disgusting. When will they realize officialdom there is a license to bully and steal from the weaker?! Chinese government are there only for themselves, people. REACT!!!

  4. This is not right this is illegal and unconstitutional you wait when the lord's plan crashes them all wait the creator of the heavens and earth puts this to an end this is disgraceful attarly disgraceful this is humanity in 2022 I do not wish to see it in 2025 much blessings for bringing these to the light so people can see what they are really like nasty ultra rich shalom

  5. Karma and punishment for torturing Uyghur Muslims 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂happy to see all this happening in china 🥳

  6. The chernobyl accident was responsible for the collapse of USSR, and now it looks the COVID-19 outbreak will crack the CCP.

  7. Complete descent into madness ! Chinese People, revolt against the filthy stinky mangy CCP ! Take your freedom back !

  8. China can build anything….
    They have built a quarantine centre in 10 days in Wuhan during the first wave….. Then why not now….. Do it….

  9. What people expect from comunist? That's how they treat humans. It doesn't matter how beautiful china is. I would never want to be there.

  10. This is what TRUDEAU wants to bring into Canada he is in favor of this he loves the Chinese Government Officeals for there Dicktatorship the virus was man made in a laboratory why don't the other governments form around the world go after the makers of this virus along with the drug companies that might of had a hand in it and make them pay they are some of the richest people in the world but remember TRUDEAU saying trust the science.. for what !!!!

  11. All Chinese people should join the police or the military so there’ll be no more civilians or public to be bullied.

  12. Oh ! Kindly recall how they criticized Delhi last year with pictures of funeral. But we had 100 democracy even then. They are getting back the Wuhan virus, what they donated to the world.

  13. China Claimed that We did not know how to treat or to handle covid at one time. Now, look at these hyper critics who mistreat their citizens to try and save face. Not working.

  14. *Great Wuhan CoViD19 Pandemic Virus super Innovation, Great Leader Xi Jinping,Karma is Killing own People life and Nations, this is the best example to World if Humanity is work against Nature*

  15. This is what a dumbed down population will have to put up with. The crimminals are running the party.


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