Gravitas: Confucius Institutes: China's secret propaganda tool

China has a ‘trojan horse’, the ‘Confucius Institute’. There are 530 such institutes in 6 continents. Beijing uses them for espionage, propaganda, monitoring Chinese nationals & recruiting agents. Palki Sharma Upadhyay tells you why these institutes are back in the news.

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Comment (18)

  1. No relationship deterioration. China considers it cost of doing business. Pakistan is completely shameless and shameful. Everything will go on.
    Confucius Maximus is the motto of China. Keep Pakistan confused.
    And FYI, CAIR is doing the same. Infiltrating Academia. This is how Aurangzeb becomes a cap knitter.

  2. The Indian Government shd allow the setting up of Taiwanese Culture And Indian Institutes JV in Delhi and Indians n Taiwanese student study both languages for the benefits of both Nations.Indian Government declare Taiwan n Tibet Independence Country.More JV with Taiwan Company for better relations.Taiwan a good partner for IT Components and Taiwan will assist India in Electronics Industry

  3. The difference between the West & other ethnicities is that the West stands as 1 (in imposing sanctions for example) & spread their ideologies all over the world. Asia & Africa busy hating on each other & fighting each other's growth. They accept it when the colonial West has bn doing it for years but criticize their brother who is just now catching up to the West SMH. India can learn a lot from China but the colonial mentality of worship of their Western master/god is their biggest drawback.
    1. India & Africans surfer modern day slavery where their best talents sell out to the West instead of believing in their country which have lots of problem, which can equate into wealth.
    2. China's prosperity strengthens & brings respect to the entire Asian race, just like the prosperity of a few Western countries (Caucasians) brought respect/dignity to the entire race. Caucasians are so use to their prosperity that they are shocked that another race can replicate it & that y they can't stand China. School in US & UK now teach mandarin 🤯
    3. Let's tell the truth to ourselves, Western type democracy does not work for any other demography except for the West (Caucasians). Others including India could learn from China and develop a form of government/democracy that is tailored to their culture. Hate it or like it, Chinese system works for China,not because they are the smartest but cos their system is tailored to the culture. So GRAVITAS, encourage people to learn from your brother China instead of always bashing it.

  4. Poor Confucius is long forgotten in China. Yet used merely for marketing and spying! Something which no chinese follows his wisdom.

  5. Confucius was Beaten. Humiliated and used as Human Target practice by fellow chynise
    The Con-Artist Confucius Chynise Govt. Practices today is not real confucius teachings


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