Gravitas: Decoding Boris Johnson's India visit

Boris Johnson has concluded his visit to India. If Day 1 was about optics, Day 2 was all about business. He met PM Narendra Modi in New Delhi & inked a series of bilateral deals. Molly Gambhir brings you a report.

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Comment (26)

  1. Count your fingers, when he leaves.
    This cloud
    Can't look after his on society social
    He emotional bank rumd
    Sale in military industry political democratic bise reality
    He a Menes to the civelsociety

  2. Achieved nothing. The U.K. turning away from the EU and putting out begging bowls to India and the like is the summit of Brexit stupidity .

  3. Just be careful India. The UK built Indis railway. Why? To take out of the country as much as they could more easily.

  4. "Get it done by Diwali" really!!🙄 They can simply say October but trying their best to be relatable to Indians just like that Ukrainian Ambassador keep on quoting Indian History & mythologies just to get their works done…take them to Andaman nicobar Island,West bengol,Jaliyanwala Bagh,Jhansi too in case they have forgotten 😒🙄

  5. it does not matter: the brits still got it: rolls royce: both turbine and cars which cost a fortune! the brits got cooper which is also very expensive. it is a rugged taxi which india dont have it. the brits have awesome motorcycle even americans cant get their hands on: triumph! And there is LONDON which guzzles most champagne in the history of mankind( usa did a napa valley just for that reason alone.
    americans are not in to champagnes).
    The airport cant accommodate visiting asians!
    And then there is OX+CAMB combo. if you go to OXFORD you are the GOAT in INDIA! period! CASE CLOSED. next question?

  6. Tell Boris to come again, we have to make sure he apologises for British atrocities in 🇮🇳 & accept that they have been supporting a terrorist nation- Pakistan all this while

  7. You just can't spin a Gandhi wheel in times of trouble and whitewash years of duplicity! Speak of investments which lead the profits back again. Nice PR tour with a gracious India though!

  8. Such a scruffy man leading the UK is a joke he is the biggest liar and con artist who is a bogus man. The British population are not much different the Youth take shape from these modern leaders whilst the older generation tale shape from the leaders of their time. People now in their 40s are the last British population to be decent otherwise the younger generations are a lost cause with no value for human life and products of social media.

  9. Johnson tried to hide the Eng. arrogance behind exaggerated familiarly behavior. British hypocrisy is immeasurable! During the years of their colonial rule, the British murdered 100 million Indians and maimed tens of millions. They built the railway just to be able to "export" minerals, gems, spices, tea and more to England. The experience of recent years shows how the British have always supported the US agenda against India. I'm sure India has not forgotten all this and will remain very careful with Britain.

  10. Mr. Modi is smarter than you can ever think. He made him climb the JCB and spin the charkha. Ä°t's more significant than the whole bilateral ties. He showed Mr. Borris how far we have come.

  11. Unbelievable! British PM's job is in hot waters because of a private party. And Kerala Chief ministers case ( involving crores in commission) is postponed 30 times over the last 15-20 years.. And he is still chief minister.


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