Gravitas: Decoding Pakistan's 'Toshakhana' Gifts Controversy

It’s been 10 days since Imran Khan was ousted, but he refuses to accept defeat. At a recent rally in Lahore, he threatened a nationwide strike. Meanwhile the PML-N has accused him of misusing Pakistan’s Toshakhana. What is the Toshakhana? Molly Gambhir reports.

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Comment (32)

  1. just give half of the country and half of the population as slave to china to pay off all the debt he incurred. its simple.

  2. Dear
    Mr Pak friends, never believe FOX. All these 70 years, you believed US and UK and
    of late China; they are brilliant foxes and made use of you in creating
    regional imbalances to achieve their goals. They showed you a carrot and you
    leaped for it. Today your own friends ruling Afghan are now your enemies. you
    defaulted IMF loan. UAE gave large amount of baksheesh and you took it to save
    your economy.  How long you want to walk this path? 
    For a change, think of becoming Trust worthy friendly nation and move in the path of peace and prosperity

  3. Dear Molly, your doing a great job . There are allot of things done for simbelism. India is a dear friend of America. Also you look very beautiful in your pink outfit. Best Dave U.S.

  4. In a democratic nation rallying is constitutional right no authority can deny as long as security of nation is preserved. Rally is a threat only to the imported or corrupt authority.

  5. so now he is publicly endorsing and supporting terrorism?? wow that's a new low even for him

  6. I'm the Dim is so egoistic,he thought that gifts were bestowed upon him as an individual and not as a gift for the PM of Pakistan
    A true fakir who uses the gift for himself


  8. The ketto ads that come in b/w make me emotionally numb.
    Why can't government bear their health expenditures.

  9. Ilhan Omer is not a normal us low maker your silly news channel not know shame on you get your facts right

  10. as a Pakistani it's a humiliating news for me and for my nation ! I'm a PTI supporter but if this gets proved then I'll surely withdraw my vote from pti

  11. So for this arsehole it was not shameful that global terrorists are found in Pakistan, it is shameful that terrorists like Osama Bind Lunden are killed in Pakistan.

  12. He is a brand ambassador of India. So we are sending him to India because he is just like Ball Thackeray and that vacancy is empty.
    Please accept him and we don't need any acknowledgement.
    Pakistan Zinda ABAD


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