Gravitas: Did just 3 people die in Shanghai due to Covid?

China claimed today that just 3 people have died in Shanghai due to the Wuhan Virus.
But reports from the city are challenging this claim.
Molly Gambhir tells you more.

#China #COVID #Gravitas

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Comment (36)

  1. Covid-19: India accused of trying to delay WHO revision of death toll
    According to WHO analysis, figure for country (India) is more than 4 million (40 lakhs) and not official tally of 5,20,000… Mon 18 Apr 2022 … India has been accused of attempting to delay an effort by the World Health Organization to revise the global death toll from Covid-19 after its calculations suggested that the country had undercounted its dead by an estimated 3.5 million (35 lakhs).
    India’s official number of deaths from Covid is 5,20,000. But according to in-depth analysis and investigations into the data by WHO, the total is more than 4 million (40 lakhs) , which would be by far the highest country death toll in the world.
    The figure tallies with previous estimates made by scientists, data analysts and medical journals that the true number of deaths from Covid in India was up to 10 times higher than that recorded in official statistics. After the country was engulfed in a devastating second wave in April 2021, central and state governments were accused of covering up the real numbers of those died from the virus in order to deflect accusations that not enough was done to prevent its spread or provide adequate healthcare, medicine and oxygen..
    According to reports, the WHO had wanted to release the data in January but have received considerable pushback from the Indian government, which have refused to accept the figure and methodology as correct.
    The WHO has stated it now intend to publish this month the revised data, which estimates 15 million (1.5 crore) people have died from Covid, more than double the 6 million (60 lakh) known deaths.. I

  2. The three died of broken bone, broken ribs and broken neck…scary tactics started again…they will never stop this madness…CONTOL.

  3. Covid is only a Covert operation to make people FEAR. If you have the Full armor of God and Follow Jesus, you good to go!

  4. 3 people died of COVID 19 in China in the real world 3 million people died of COVID in China but as usual the CCP hush this up.

  5. I don’t understand. Is this because the Chinese vaccine is not very good at keeping people from catching Covid? Why is China still going on like the rest of the world did 2 yrs ago yet every other country seems to be opening up? Why is this going on in China but nowhere else?

  6. R u confidwnt to go bathing & fishing in the Ganges Delta region with all those still floating logs. This is result of your method in response to the Delta origin.

  7. This is all part of operation lock step. The Rockefellers wrote about this plot to impose a fascistic global government through what we now know as covid Hysteria back in 1990.

  8. CCP isn't well known for being transparent on the details, especially when going full police state on it's own citizens in Shanghai

  9. May b u need the elephant to spray more of the holy water from the Ganges Delta or is it now Ganges Onicron.

  10. This is exactly what the CCP wants: People dying of starvation because the virus 🦠 didn’t do it’s job well! They thought it would erratically decrease humanity: THIS IS GENOCIDE, no matter who you are: 😡:

  11. Sach batau aap log ab apani problems dekho. China ke sath India ka trade kum hone ka naam nahi le raha. uspe concentrate karo pahile. China ka maal kaise is country me kum kiya ja sakata hain. Toh sari daily needs ki cheeze usi daam me local markets me available karani hogi. woh kaise kar sakte hain woh zyada important hain, China ke 'zero covid' policy pe concentrate karne se behatar woh ho accha hoga humari country ke liye. Woh governemnt ko bataon humare.


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