Gravitas: Did Macron outperform Le Pen in Presidential Debate?

Did Emmanuel Macron outperform Marine Le Pen in the French Debate 2022? A survey shows that 59% of French Citizens found Macron to be more convincing. Has the French President cemented his victory? Molly Gambhir reports.

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  2. I want this kind of debate in the Philippines. One on one of only 2 political parties. But ours is garbage!

  3. What's weird is that when I went to visit Paris, it's literally no different than my city in California… Like I couldn't tell the difference except for the landmarks and the French language. American culture is truly dominant

  4. That radical lady is not going anywhere. She can go form her house EU and withdraw from her marriage 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 She was so defensive on everything. She can go help Russia get rid of hijab, maybe putin will give her another loan

  5. right wing extremism should be banned by law by nato to prevent russia sponsoring candidates… also BAN Islamisms in every eu country if you want to live in eu … support science not useless religious beliefs even though the majority of eu countries have Christianity most of us are secular so a extremist religion have no place at all in the eu

  6. Yes I think he more convincing than his opponent, a man who ruled it's territory has a brave decision stAnds firm to his country rather than a woman

  7. Macron is full of what? Macron is dog of Elite. Macron is selling France to Muslims. Let us have Frexit.

  8. The totalitarian elite that rules the EU dictatorship will definitely not accept an eventual victory by Le Pen. If it happens they will certainly sabotage the French government as they have done in Ukraine and elsewhere.

  9. Europe is slowly losing to secularism. Look at Sweden. Growing up in the 60s, these never surfaced. France does not want to go down the same road as England/UK, does it?

  10. Funny how she avoids responding directly regarding the Russian loans and throwing in the woman excuse and patriotism without answering lol.

  11. as i sayed in meny coments on news and politics where it is alowed, everybody needs to respect some educational standards that make the population of the defferent countrys in a same amount justicefull and peacefull, as plato says, justice makes happy and education peacefull. when people raised from smal age and have to deal daily with public justice and grades, and exam results that are publicly displaied, they will be very happy even if thy fail, as they know they diserved it and go and do what they have left and are good at it. in turn those that acieved good grads and pased exams, will be very confident and hard to blackmail. cause injustice comited makes people afraide and a shamed of what they have done, and it is enogh to take out the feedback in school, to make an entire nation unhappy, which results in runnung after pleasure like money and safety for that little fear stays inside people that achieve things they dont know exactly why… when education conditions people to happy and fearles, they rule, and its no big problem that media is sometimes wrong for elections or any interest of individuals that want to form the opinion. caus they look right through if it happens, and probababbly will not happen without many oposing and baning it…

    (the ministers of education and the philosophers should sit down and make a plan on how that would work best. so no nation should be tied to the ground or states. of course the effect on economics would be less rich and poor people. and more tourism.)

  12. France under Macron is a US vassal state. The spineless leaders of the US vassal states of Germany , Spain and Portugal have endorsed Macron as the Leader of France in the impending Elections. Shame on Spineless EU.

  13. he stole the election. so obvious lol. Not 1 french likes macron, in fact, they despise him. ask any french, havnt met one that likes macron lol

  14. Their presidential debate is so calm and composed even if they don't agree with each other this is how debates should be carried out unlike the American one


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