Gravitas: Donbas rebel republics to join Russia?

The latest round of talks between Ukraine and Russia has raised hopes for a peace deal. Will Zelensky’s concessions be enough to end the war? What will determine Putin’s response? Palki Sharma tells you.

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Comment (31)

  1. American wouldn’t trust anyone because they are not to be trust so keep fighting all they want

  2. Don’t stop the war till zelensky is caught alive and stoned to death for pushing a peaceful country into war.

  3. Don't be fooled by negotiations, America will not allow this. The American goal is to make Europe weak and to buy gas and oil from America, they are not interested in Ukraine except those biolabs. Unfortunately, the war will be long. Zelinsky, on the other hand, has $ 1.2 billion in his account, which he earned by playing by American rules. Sadly, innocent people are dying because of his game.

  4. So Biden is trying to get Putin during his term so he will go down in history as the one who has beaten Putin/Russia etc. So the US is using the comedian Zelensky to do the dirty work sacrificing his country and citizens for a promise of what? Money and be hailed as a hero? Somebody's on drugs.

  5. Rebbel republics???? They live there all of their life, and they are russians. 8 years ukrain-nazi troops are attacking them, so they make they own military troops for defending, what is wrong about that?

  6. Future concussion, not all the ground. Joint police, but Putin not keep his word.
    Move back some km, no attacks for 3 mouths.
    Part of Crimer must be Ukraine on there border.sell them water as peace deal, granrantee safe water supply. Must stop this war.
    Can have bridge, granrantee that bridge crossing, port .
    Ukraine must try keep 40 % on there crossing.
    Solution? Gas discount for safe water. Stop this stupid war.

  7. The solution from the very beginning, . .Ukraine never joins NATO and Russia gives back/leaves the internationally recognized 1991 Ukrainian borders. Done.

  8. Hey Comedian are in America or Britain 👍🏻 well you working for who distroyed your Great Nation USSR, now Ukraian or Russia are just some parts of that complete body of a nation

  9. How will Putin sit down with a venomous joker, who constantly ridiculed russia in all his comedy shows ?!

  10. Bruuuuh! Will you just mind your own business and sort yout Hindu extremists and rape culture, let Pakistan be Pakistan.

  11. Ukraine winning but making all those concessions??🤔 stfu! Theres plenty REAL journalists on the ground showing the reality of ukraines attrocities and losses!!

  12. Putin will show how sanctions bite back. After Summer, if the War conflict still goes on it gets dangerous for EU. We will see social turmoil on big scale, it already starts!
    Russia can sit out this war for years.. anyone saying otherwise has no clue.
    In worst case Russia can always drop nuclear bomb on Ukraine, what then? No fighting back or it´s NATO + EU also gone ^^

  13. The problem is America won't allow a ceasefire
    They desperately need the money for their weapons.😕

  14. Putin has had to put up with too much from this zelenski trash. He should not give them anything to zelenski group that they want. Russia should rule Ukraine

  15. This is a lesson that we should choose serious and nationalist personalities for running the country… Not comedian

  16. It sounds like the Ukrainian people are being used, a deal is not a deal even if it is written down on a piece paper. It's like believing the British government over the north of Ireland on brexit, you have the GFA there in the first place safe peace and the British government forgetting they sign it.

  17. I think the people who are suffering should be given a voice.
    Peace should be our priority, but I have a feeling that America and the west don't really want peace we all know where Putin stands, but are our actions any better? Every party involved should stop using Ukraine for their own Agenda, if you are not helping make things better just keep off.

  18. See my lady? We told what will happen. India stayed natural. Lucky you but it was better have little more balls to stay with iran china, Russia.

  19. Why is the US guy speaking out about Ukraine and Russia's agreement? Let's hear it from Putin and Zelinsky.


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