Gravitas: Elon Musk offers to buy Twitter

The social media platform says the proposal is unsolicited. Musk says he will reconsider his position as shareholder if Twitter does not accept his offer.

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Comment (40)

  1. It seems like people forgot about Tycoons never give a F for mere charity.
    They always draw water for their own watermill.
    If you catch my meaning, of course!

  2. I am all for free speech, but when platforms such as Twitter and Facebook get used to spread disinformation and hate that is when there should be some form of censoring the dangerous misinformation.

  3. The FOOLS on the left are crazy afraid that Elon will invite PRESIDENT TRUMP to return to Twitter and allow PRESIDENT TRUMP to tell the TRUTH about the FOOLS on the left! Hurry, someone get some cheese to go with the lefts Whine!

  4. Who cares? Deleting misinformation or banning users who consistently spread misinformation is not a violation of Free Speech. You can't yell fire in a crowded theater.

  5. Twitter is a Hardcore Leftist Islamist ideology biased company, they suppress free speech. No wonder Saudi Prince has shares, who suppress free speech in their own country.

  6. Too funny do you sheep really think Elon Musk is trying to purchase Twitter to give the unvoiced a free platform to voice their unfiltered opinions. Stop it, you really think he gives a crap about people crying about being censored? If Elon really gave a $hit about people Telsa's would cost anywhere between an affordable 10k – 20K…I'm not saying he shouldn't be allowed to take over Twitter, frankly I don't care but let's be frank it's a power move to secure a valuable internet asset. I don't use it so he can have it and Tik Tok for all I care but if you think he's going to let you guys use it for free…yeah remember how all those music streaming services where once free…all I'm saying is get out your wallet.

  7. I think Elon has understood the potential of twitter in manipulating the sentiments of masses. With AI, twitter (or any social media app with this many subscribers) can calculate the collective emotion of any region in any country. SpaceX is partnering with US military on different projects. Maybe the vision here is more than just promoting free speech.

  8. Looks like this TV channel here is criticizing Elon Musk as a rich man to buy Twitter and ”control" It. What about the others rich guys from Facebook, Google, etc? They can? Elon Musk is coming to bring balance because right now the lefts, extrem lefts and comunists is controing the all midia.

  9. I'm neither a liberal or conservative, both terms are tribalist nonsense, just as the divisive terms Democrat & Republican. I'm a critical thinker, a realist & a researcher/fact finder on many topics including media, politics and on a few characters of significant public interest.

    Here we go again, another rich asshole trying to control everything with his money (power) & name. Elon Musk is just flexing his financial muscles because he’s mad about something, HE'S A SPOILED ASS RICH BOY. What's the point because if he wants a platform like twitter, he could build one from scratch, and quite frankly that would probably be less expensive & he could definitely drive people to his platform; so WHAT'S THE POINT, THE SPOILED ASS RICH BOY WANTING MORE ATTENTION, SO HE HAS TO START A FIRE SOMEWHERE? WHAT'S REALLY GOING ON? I guess it may not be long before Elon runs for political office too & ignorant poor & middle-class people somehow would believe because he's rich he'll know how to manage our collective business & that's what his true intentions are, so they'll vote for him, looking over how he most often, demonstrates his selfish money power driven, unapologetic, no one knows more than him, always right character & his tendency to say whatever he has to in hopes of convincing people to believe a very cunning & false representation of themselves.

  10. He's mastering disruption. He's not a miserable asshole psychopath pretending to be otherwise, and he has a really good time doing what he does.

  11. I believe he is a force for good. If he owns Twitter where will he take it? Can he weed out the haters and the false narratives like the woke movement.

  12. Ask him about the blood batteries ??
    Children die for the material used for the Electrical car maybe he should go down those holes ?? Fifth Estate Blood Batteries

  13. The goal of Twitter is NOT to make a profit. Their goal and their profit is to promote their woke ideology; as is evident from the tweets of their employees and the assertions of their CEO. If their CEO openly asserts and acts on his assertions to censor conservative ideology, the Board is also agreeing with the stance. Censorship has been a conserted effort amongst various groups. The investors and Twitter users are the LOSERS here. In not too distant future, they will hear the echo of their own voices.

  14. If Musk is successful, the globalists will have a nervous breakdown because they will no longer be able to completely control any narrative.

  15. Democracy means to the ppl for the ppl from the ppl If twitter will be only owned by 1 person how can it support democracy

  16. I do not have any faith in Musk's goodwill or altruism. He is a billionaire that has gotten rich by going his own way on a few big bets and being right. That does not make him a good person with everyone's best interests at heart. He says he is in favor of free speech but I think he will move to monetize it and destroy what it is over time in the quest for more money. Also I am concerned he will allow the parasites and liars that have been previously banned back in under the guise of free speech. The last thing the world needs with elections coming up is the orange idiot back on Twitter.

  17. Elon Musk has the permission and authority to take people from anywhere in the World and Colonize them on Mars…….
    The authoritarian Image of Elon Musk is similar to a Hitler in training.
    Elon Musk created Neurolink as an unnecessary accessory.
    Elon Musk knows he can and believes that he will control the minds of everyone on Earth through ether, electricity, and his ability to control the minds (AC/DC on/off switch) of every human being using Teslas ideas.
    Quiet as kept! Elon Musk is Mafioso! he is coercing Twitter to sell to him or else…..
    Elon Musk is a Multiplanetary Being and he probably coined the phrase.
    Hello! Can anybody hear me?
    These multiplanetary beings Elon Musk and Jeff Bazzos are going to take people (men women and children) without their will or permission and colonize them on Mars in 2030!

  18. Would Musk protect the ‘opinions’ of women’s rights spokespeople like JK Rowling or support the ‘democracy’ that promotes cancel culture and death threats? Without understanding his position, currently baaed on soundbites, the world should be highly cautious.

  19. now, when price will sky-rock, musk will sell his 9% and make free billions $ profit 🙂 musk and his "free speech"

  20. George Soros is trying to outbid Musk so as to stop freedom of speech, this bloke is evil and in control of the Democrats, but I need not tell anyone that.

  21. WION is indian pro and global wise the closest to the truth of the world he should invest in WION

  22. The real question is…Saudi Arabia… Stalling the Master mind… This is getting quite revealing… Especially Saudi holding shares in it…

  23. Can some buy Facebook from Zark Muckerberg? Ever since they bought Instagram and WhatsApp they've made all 3 equally boring, cluttered and lacklustre. Their content moderation AI is defective and the community guidelines are nonsensical.


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