Gravitas: Finland prepares for a potential war with Russia

Russia’s Ukraine invasion has sparked concerns in Finland. The Nordic country is preparing for a possible conflict with Russia. Its citizens are learning how to use a gun. the government is stockpiling essentials. Palki Sharma tells you more.

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Comment (39)

  1. USA has found a new puppet. Have a happy puppetship Finland 😂. RIP in advance. Even France is about to exit NATO, and you are trying to join 🤣🤣🤣

  2. Finland it better you stay neutral learn from Ukraine. NATO will never come to your aid be wise
    The same story is what you will get from NATO and USA when the war Begin ..
    You aren't yet a NATO member…so we can't send our soldiers to fight…
    No Boots on ground only weapons
    Then it will be too late your city and people life would have be lost…. Be wise …

  3. Unlike the French, a nation whose history is literally built on surrender and appeasement, the Finns are a small, but hardened people very willing to defend their homeland at all cost. In 1939, this nation of barely 4.5 million souls fought the massive Soviet filth to a stand still. They know how to fight and their will not cow to the Russian Nazi virus at their door. The Finns should be part of NATO, for their own protections and for the good of all of modern Europe. They will only benefit from the inclusion of these warriors.

  4. Honestly joining NATO right now for any of the neutral countries to be a huge mistake and this would include Ukraine. The neutrals are just as important as the NATO countries and a no NATO on Ukraine deal could save the Ukrainian people and what is left of their country.

    Ukraine people are being used as puppets by US by making it poke the belly of the beast so to speak. We may not like to think it or admit it but NATO has had a part in creating this conflict and now they sit on the sideline watching as a country with less power than what is needed is taking on the beast.

  5. NATO is obsolete and should be disbanded .
    NATO was created to fight spread communism and Soviet Union . both are no longer a threat in Russia.

  6. Mr putins threat to attack Finland and Sweden. Actually it is thunder without storm. The threat indicates putin is afraid.

  7. Another business opportunity to the weapon suppliers and more civilians suffocation 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  8. the countries that are continuing to do business with Russia and not denounce Putin are the weak countries

  9. The same thing happened to Ukraine and Finland want to try. Soon or later the media will say pray for Finland and Sweden

  10. Russia will fail in invasion for his cruel attitude. The Evil Russia think the world is theirs and threaten the world with weapon.

  11. It means fighting is acceptable to Finland but russia will not listen to it, it is said that come the bull, kill me. Finland's end will be the same as what is happening to Ukraine

  12. Then they will also cry that Russia is killing civilians! A civilian with a rifle shooting is not a civilian.

  13. Finland calling for a problem… should take lesson from Ukraine but they are free to decide their fate……..


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