Gravitas | France Elections: All you need to know

It’s election season in France. The Presidential Polls begin in 12 days. Who are the candidates? What are their leanings? Which issues are they fighting over? What do opinion polls say? Palki Sharma tells you all you need to know.

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Comment (21)

  1. Whatever you do France please don't vote for a right-wing party. The world already has enough authoritarian and fascist regimes. 🙏🏾

  2. Just like Germany was asked to pay reparations for WW1, I'm waiting when India asks UK for reparations n the loot they did over india – jwells like Kohinoor n around 45 trillion dollars of worth money.. Waiting for UK to pay india the Reparations

  3. Macron will win. There's too many Parties in France. Almost one for every day of the week.
    Le Pen carries her father's baggage and the French don't like a woman as President. They're misogynists..
    Melanchon is whichever way the wind blows. He almost a Communist, dressed in a suit.
    Zemmour, a nice guy, used to be part of a TV duo that discussed the days news. But he's a Muslim and there's a latent distrust of Muslims.
    Macron is an ex derivative of a US bank and got a start with a €14 million loan.
    He's young, sharp and can talk rings around the others, even that France's economy isn't doing great.
    So, yup, it will be a walkover for Macron.

  4. macron will get in again, like he did the first time, thanks to fraudulent electronic voting machines.

  5. Yeah, Macron is staying, his handlers love his job performance and couldn't care less about the French people.

  6. Macron was the only one that try to Reinforce EU army that's Why did mutual defence pack with Greece, by making a start

  7. You lying when you say zemmour wants muslims to renounce their religion. He asks muslims as well as any bidy else including native french to adopt french values.
    If you cannot make the difference you better talk about anything else but french politics.

  8. Hope not but he will win. This guy don’t put his country interests first, joining American to sanctions Russia is shame. Bcz I think he already forgot what the Uk,US & Australia done to him, billions worth submarines to Australia American & UK take it from his hand just like that.


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