Gravitas: France Elections: The tide is turning

6 days are left for the French Election to begin & the tide is turning.
Emmanuel Macron is no longer the favourite to win, his challengers are gaining ground.
The French President has even warned of a Brexit-style upset. Palki Sharma Upadhyay brings you a report.

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Comment (44)

  1. For France it is automatically coming soon it is they are also noticing now
    For France now Macron not helpful and France with some changes stays with better
    A little helps is not to be ignorings by people of France

  2. heu…I didnt see the face of the other candidate who main create a surprise also . His name is MELENCHON .
    Solid program and team. But medias keeps giving him that image of "z villain communist pro Putin". Thing is definitively not.

  3. Marine le pen will make a better president , her approach is country first and is not becoming a president bcoz of silly women's empowerment she is actually good

  4. Mr. Macron is definitely a good president
    India wishes a president who is capable of taking bold and honest actions to save France

  5. We do not need a WEF puppet anywhere in the world. Get rhetoric and emotions around all the 'ism' out of your head and judge based on what each candidate has done to you.
    How did Macron handle the pandemic? Why did he lift vaccine passport just a couple of weeks before the election?

  6. Western people like their repeating popularity contests, which they call elections, giving little attention to good governance of their own country.
    Whoever has the biggest budget backing him is also the winner. It's a transaction where investors back up the candidates and after successful election results it;s ''pay-back'' time, keeping the investors happy.

  7. He has failed more often in his presidency than anything constructive. Most of the initiatives he puts his hands in nose dives.

  8. If we kick Macron out .. this will be a very happy day for France and for my self. All of them Melanchon, Zemmour, LePen have good project for France despite being different. Macron is a crook and a liar with a pretty face and a business banking background – he is a sensational beast when it comes to manipulation and corruption because he is so cynical.

  9. I prefer Zemmour because he is a man of culture and have a highly educated background (very hard working jewish familly) but the working class prefer LePen as she really care about people's daily life problem. Zemmour could talk about geopolitics, and history for 4hours straight and he is so inspiring. Zemmour/Lepen/Melanchon both want a strong independent France and surely are looking to India as a meaningful reference. They basically want to do what Modi does since the beginning.

  10. Please train your Anchors, in good pronunciation of English. The accent does not matter, but reasonable pronunciation will be much appreciated. It does not take much to train anyone. This request has nothing to do with race, country or any such nonsense.

  11. “Loose lips sink ships”
    Klause Schwab ……….”Vee have inflitrarated zee Canadian parliament. More zan half of mister Tllrudo’s cabbinate are Weiss uss. Also zee Fransh Minister mister Makklron, Argentinians ….zey are all now wiss us”

  12. The macron team with all its colluded polls wants lepen, she is the only one he can beat! Nevertheless I think he should be the last of the 1st round 🤩

  13. Brexit-style upset? Is Brexit an upset? What am I missing here? lol
    He thinks he's the savior of France. This little man is full of shite.

  14. France needs to remember the yellow vests and how he treated them, they also need to remember his treatment of his own citizens regarding Covid, if they vote him in again they deserve everything he does to them.

  15. Macron is just a puppet, like Biden, Trudeau, schotz or Johnson, They're all puppets of men in suit from the US, the ones calling the shots behind the scene.

  16. are people really that blind, when has changing presidents in the last 50 years actually change anything, do remember that presidents have their power limited and there’s people behind them that tell them what to say


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