Gravitas: G20 meeting: Western countries to stage walkouts

Western countries including U.S, U.K, France and Germany are reportedly planning to walkout of G20 Finance Ministers’ meetings as sign of protest against Russia. Experts say the G20 could be falling apart. Here’s why.

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Comment (38)

  1. Better just walk out and never return. The western countries are hypocrites and bullies. The world would be better off without them…

  2. Boycott Russia and it's Allies and Particularly its "Neutral Allies" where they Kill each other regularly on Religious, Political, caste, Cow eating violances everyday..
    Divided world is the Best World.

  3. If invading other countries is reason to be removed from the G20 shouldn’t that apply to all G20 countries.

  4. If invading other countries is the criteria for judging which countries should not belong to the G20 – then many members on the list should not be part of the G20. Starting with the US with its many invasions, including of tiny Grenada. And all those who participated in invading Iraq, Syria, Libya and Afghanistan would also have to leave the Group.

  5. I see the children are playing at "Let's pretend to be upset, then the grownups will think it's not our fault". Anyway, they all had to go into the room next door to see which country is making most out of this. US will be ahead by miles of course.

  6. Wisdom has it that, to arrive at peace, 'adversaries' must "never to listen to each other." The current G20 meeting proves so.

  7. Amerika you lozer ,pencundang,NATO (no action talk only)clown , Ganyang Amerika Ganyang Inggris 🔥 slava Indonesia 🇮🇩
    Slava Rusia 🇷🇺

  8. Seriously it looks like children conflict in playground 🙈 are they diplomats or kids 👀 what a behavior. Aren’t diplomacy means opposite thing?!

  9. Wow these delagates are childish. Can't even stay and do their job just because they don't like someone in the meeting..

  10. Invasion is the reason to throw out then laws should applied for all others.
    1. UK invaded & colonized half the world.
    2. US invaded almost every country but according to their own state department 84.
    3. France invaded and colonized just like uk.
    4. Germany invaded Poland and some other countries from Africa.
    5. Japan invaded in its imperial times.

    These countries should go first and well before Russia.

  11. 2100 is nothing compared to what America did in middle east, Vietnam, Syria..
    Millions died
    Also Nato and USA did nothing in Rwanda massacre

  12. They didnt decide to annex Crimea , fool …they had a vote … facts or go get a proper job ….

  13. Before doing such childish acts, stop sending weapons to Ukraine; bring both Russia and Ukraine on the table and try to resolve conflict. If US wasn't adamant about Ukraine in NATO, war would have never happened or maybe some fight about territories but no war.
    If US wants to be the leader try to resolve the conflict instead of dumping petrol (for stupid us – gasoline) into it.

  14. У вас изоленты не хватит – что бы изолировать Россию. Идиоты посмотрите на карту мира.

  15. The only people who call it the "Wuhan Virus" are those at Wion. It comes across as petty and pathetic. Just saying, respectable news outlets have a certain amount of maturity in their presentation. A long way for Wion to go to get there Im afraid, despite some very good reporting on some issues.

  16. US and EU should be the first, in case of, kicking out of g20. They made middle East and Africa hell to fulfill their greed (which never happened)😂😂

  17. US must ban G20 summit
    Russia China and Russia covertly working to destroy all Democratic World Organization and Globalisation , These Wolves in Sheeps clothings must be kicked out of UN WTO G20 and Davos Summits


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