Gravitas: Giant ice volcanoes spotted on Pluto

NASA published pictures of giant ice volcanoes on Pluto’s surface, triggering speculation on the possibility of life on the dwarf planet. What does this discovery mean for life beyond Earth? Palki Sharma gets you a report.

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  1. I want to see Mr. Narendra Modi to become President of India after he retires from his Prime Minister post.
    He will create almost unbroken history: from Ground Worker to Chief Minister to Prime Minister to President! Phew!
    From the most Powerful Constitutional Post to Highest Constitutional Post, incredible!
    Amazing journey it will be 👍🏻

  2. "Life found on Pluto"
    Le USA and NATO countries: "Let's destroy it because there are no blond-hair, blue-eyed, white christians!"

  3. This is why I like WION news. They have reporters as far as Pluto to keep us updated. Can you please send someone to the black hole and update us what is in it.

  4. Humans: Pluto you're not a planet anymore!

    Pluto: (existing since 4.6 billion years) I don't need to give a f**k what you consider me as.

    Always thought it might think of us like that😃😃
    Those labels/classification is only for us, not them. More so if there are any extraterrestrials, what labels do they use and how much different would it be?

  5. If Pluto is a "dwarf planet", why isn't Mercury a "dwarf planet"? Mercury could have been a moon orbiting around Venus and a celestial object could have knocked it out of Venus' orbit a long time ago, similar to what egghead scientists said about Pluto after deciding Pluto was not our ninth planet after all…..

  6. You guys at WION know that ice doesn't have to equal water, right?
    It could be pressurised methane, for example.

  7. PREDICTION which will be True:

    Within 50 years to 70 years People of this planet will visit different other planets having develop entities than human beings!

    But all those will visit different planets will be only highly mentally elevated Spiritualists.

    There will be lots of "Body Banks". Spiritualists will leave the existing crude body and will enter in another planet in invisible subtle body. In that planet they'll hire a crude body and will stay with it till they return to their own planet.

    Bank will keep the left body in boxes of required temperature and during return same body will be taken out after paying necessary charges and will enter in his crude body !

    Communication will be Spiritualist to Spiritualists through vibrational inference.

  8. Scientist have nothing on creation! 💯 Thanks for helping out though.👍 Me…Imma stay my bum on Earth!!😝🤔🤔🤔

  9. As long as it doesn't have too much warmth or it'll have Greta Thunberg to answer to!. "How dare you hide a warm ocean and life!". Fascinating to hear a quick potted history of Pluto…still don't agree with downgrading it to a mere "dwarf planet" though…sometimes the most smallest and rebellious objects are the most surprising of all.

  10. Enceladus a moon of Saturn has water volcanism, titan,the solar systems largest moon may have cryovolcanism, Europa a moon of Jupiter may have it, or liquid oceans under its ice, Triton, Neptunes large moon has nitrogen geysers and these are just a few. Cryovolcanism shouldn't be a surprise on pluto and possibly Chiron too, but it is exciting. Hopefully it will help inspire a orbital probe to investigate both pluto and Chiron and for Uranus and Neptune system as well. We've only scratched the surface of the amazing Discovery's that await in the outer solar system

  11. Ok.🙄I've gotta say it.😖I know I'm pouring petrol all over myself and giving a bunch of idiots matches, 😡but I've gotta say it.
    PLUTO DID NOT GET DEMOTED! AS OUR UNDERSTANDING IMPROVED WE REALIZED THAT A DIFFERENT CLASS OF OBJECTS EXISTED AND REDEFINED OUR TERMS TO REFLECT OUR NEW UNDERSTANDING! I said it, and now I'm gonna burn for it. Another thought. The people who decided to reclassify Pluto as a dwarf planet were the INTERNATIONAL ASTRONOMICAL UNION. you know, respected astronomers from all over the planet who discussed the issue, debated it and put it to a vote…you think maybe they might possibly know what they're talking about and why? You know PROFESSIONAL ASTRONOMERS who think about these things all the time? Who do astronomy as a profession? Ok. You can lynch me now🤪

  12. 👽👽👽 All planets have life… There is more real-estate inside every planet than on. It's also safer inside than on the surface. But umams are to stupid to figure that out unless they are hiding from nukes 🤦‍♂️

  13. There is no life there, but one thing is interesting. The heat and volcanic activity posits that it is not at all as old as they say. Certainly not billions of years old.

    Rather, the Word tells us that the heavens and earth were created about 6000+ years ago. This means the surface is vastly younger than current planetary theories by the evolution myth believers.

  14. If there is ice in pluto, if ever nuclear warfare pollutes earth's water, we can at least go to pluto for water.

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  16. pause at 38 seconds, Wow i didn't know Pluto was that close to Earth, LOL
    ( Yes its a Joke. Relax )


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