Gravitas: Has Pakistan's army dumped Imran Khan?

Has Pakistan’s all-powerful army dumped Imran Khan? Pakistan’s Prime Minister says the establishment has given him 3 options. The question is why does the army want to get rid of a PM they handpicked? Palki Sharma tells you.

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Comment (23)

  1. Americans select Pakistan army chief. And orders them what to do. Now that India is thinking for themselves the US will leverage Pakistan to create issues for India. That is why Khan has to go. An unstable Pakistan creates an unstable India. The US always finds a backdoor way to undermine your independence and freedom.

  2. Has Pakistani Army dumped Imran?
    I think No, in fact they are now doing good diplomacy. Bajwa condemning Russia in favour of America just to make them listen what they want to, or u can say mending there relations, and also helping Imran in scripting on going scenario. It’s all according to wishes of Army establishment. Well played Bajwa.
    Imran is lying on offers given by Establishment. Infact I think they planned everything, that’s why Imran was so confident.

  3. We trust you covering russia vs ukraine war,why why,we need trueth not propergandas(bais reporting)

  4. Please honorable Pakistani Nations don't let America interfere your business and don't let them win.
    Time to united like Turkish Nations did July the15 couple years back.

  5. “The best option in this situation would have been to start a new elections to enable the new governments to handle the economic, political and external problems faced by the country,”
    Imran Khan has fixed a lot of corruption in Pakistan.
    Imran Khan is an honest man, at this moment Pakistan needs Imran Khan to fix pakistan economic and international problems.
    Pakistan's no-confidence vote law should be repealed! The elected Prime Minister is being forced to resign in the name of no-confidence vote soon after! This law needs to be changed!

  6. Why Indian media taking too much interest in Pakistan’s internal politics ???? Pakistan is in safe hands Pak Army Vs Imran Khan it doesn’t make any sense and DGISPR denied the fact that the Pak Army interfering in political issues

  7. Will you eat your own words now?
    There’s nothing more pathetic than Indian media. The animosity and hatred towards Pakistan has reached a level where journalists become fanatics.
    Now what will you say, Army saved him again?

  8. No ma'm ! Had the army been there ud taunt over and over again,but now that the army is not poking its nose, you happen to be beating loud the drums of its absence the way why is the Indian media so obsessed with the Pak military??

  9. Imran Khan and General Bajwa of Pakisthan both are Mafia highly corrupted looters of Pakisthan. Only Pakisthan will develope work with India. The Pak army should do only protect the border not put their nose into the country ? That's why Pakisthan become poor and poor begging bowls from China, Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia now Russia ? Shame on General Bajwa and Imran Khan worst mafias of Pakisthan.

  10. THERE's nothing like this. Stop spreading lies. Who gives you this info??? i think KHAN is on ENdia's Nerves more than Opposition's. AHAHAHAHAHAH

  11. It would be best for India if Pakistan is controlled by the USA/west. Since the US and India are friends, getting rid of ImRaand Khan would be good.

  12. Guys please deliver true news for gods sake?
    What he meant by 'those who vote against him will be called traitors' doesnt mean EVERY LOCAL PERSON who has the right to vote, by that he meant all the people from HIS party, who have betrayed him and joined the opposition after they were offered money, are the ones called TRAITORS, (who they really are)

  13. Garbage analysis . So if the military is running the country the speaker in the assembly would’ve been also someone that favors the military why would the decision be made for Imran Haan if that was the case obviously India is just putting the own analysis on everything else with themselves. India is run by outside countries as well


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