Gravitas: Hong Kong separates 2,000 Covid-positive children from parents

Children as young as 11-month-old have been separated from their parents after testing positive for the Wuhan Virus in Hong Kong. Parents are not allowed to meet their children or isolate with them. Expats are fleeing Hong Kong in fear of separation. Palki Sharma tells you more.

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Comment (38)

  1. WION still trying to make it sound like most of the World being able to "move on" is a success.
    It just means most people got infected on top of vaccination with an overwhelming number of deaths worldwide. India likely leading the charge but couldnt even count them.
    Still today, there are hundreds of daily COVID deaths in large developed countries with high vaccination rates.

    China nor anyone else was ever going to be able to keep COVID out despite their drastic measures. They have had plenty of small outbreaks in the past two years. Omicron being so much more contagious has made containment more difficult that's all. But it being also less viral means China will in turn come out of their COVID with much less deaths than elsewhere albeit they will return to normalcy a year or two later.

    Hong Kong people especially the elderly didnt get vaccinated because of distrust of the Chinese government despite having access to mRNA vaccines. They are living with the consequences.

  2. Uh, excuse me? Women stuck with blind dates for days? Who wants to be stuck with some lousy, complaining woman for days on end? Oh, I forgot, female suffering is the only suffering that matters.

  3. Boomerang! Home-made Virus. Palki Sharma is in a savage mode. An honest presentation of the details without yelling and such theatrics makes this channel most watchable.

  4. Chinese Communist have some evil against children. From killing millions for decades in China and now snatching them away from Parents. Imagine the trauma to ill children.

  5. my god! the newscaster while reading i need to count 1 2 3 before she can continue the phrase!! wake up lady!!!! u need to drink coffee!!! lots and lots of it!! hahahahha u are funny lady!!! i cant concentrate listening bcoz of laughing!!

  6. In India people aren't afraid of COVID anymore..things went to precovid ways since long time..
    Even mask mandate has been removed

  7. You know what else is also a BOOMERANG, it might be KARMA … that's what you get when you HAVE EVIL intentions to take over the WORLD & also getting in bed with that FIEND PUTIN !

  8. That's horrible. When you're sick, love, care and support from your parents and loved ones is the thing that heals patients and provide motivation and upliftment. I can't even imagine being a child and torn apart from parents. That would be terrifying as a child.

  9. "Boomerang"? "Wuhan Virus"? Do I sense gloating? Coming from an India based news source where over 500,000 Indians died while China suffered less than 5,000 deaths is really ironical. Perhaps when India care more about it's citizens' deaths than preaching human rights to other countries, it might do a little better.

  10. That was a low blow. Even though the virus may have come from China we can do a little better then throwing it back at them because that means it is coming back at us as well. We have to learn to not throw Stone in glass houses. Here in the United States they decide to pretend that the virus does not exist then it is getting better when the new variant is mutating even more. The world wants to ignore it and still throw stones but we're all going to suffer for this because we do not know how to live as one. There is no end game to this pandemic there is no learning to live with this virus because it is mutating and it will eventually start killing a lot of people again. People that got that this is a war against this virus and it will keep coming back until we stop it the world can ignore it and play games all at once but we will learn after it cost us dearly

  11. Are the parents positive as well? If the parents are positive then there's no reason to separate them.

  12. No what is child abuse is when your governor send your children without protection to schools to catch covid. That's child abuse


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