Gravitas: How India is helping Sri Lanka survive

World’s top ratings agencies have warned that Sri Lanka is about to default on its debts. A report has claimed that India is willing to extend an additional $2 billion in financial assistance to Colombo. Molly Gambhir tells you more.

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Comment (22)

  1. Dear Wion, what you fail to mention is what price India has so far extracted from the Rajapaksas’for the measly aid you keep doling out.

    Secondly India’s piecemeal assistance of substandard rice and fuel only helps to prop up the utterly corrupt Rajapaksas in power. Heed the Sr Lanka people’s call and demand Rajapaksas to step down.

  2. Srilankan Navy attacks and killed indian🇮🇳 fishermen seized their vessels and demanded Rs 1cr bail to release the arrested.

  3. Thank you grate India…❤🌹🇮🇳🇱🇰 wonder why Indian intelligent agents/ RAW not submitting a clear report to Indian government about us Sri Lanka.

  4. Mr. Modi are you sure Sri Lanka won't breed suicide bombers to blow you ? That to with your financial aid provided. Will this favour be appreciated or turn against otherwise.

  5. We should not help them. They are thankless people who will take help from us and cosy up to China and Pakistan. They might also use our money to pay the Chinese.

  6. Wtf is india helping? For god's sake we must learn tat this " everyone has god in them" culture only exists and shud exist in india. Foreigners r all the same. We r not their caretakers. No need to help then

  7. Sri Lanka is just a different pakistan. No need to help ba$t@rds who remember u during crisis. We must help and look for ourselves. To h3ll with ukraine , Srilanka .

  8. Its not the Sri Lankan peoples fault,
    Thr Rajapaksha family shoud be handed over to the international court of law .

  9. SriLankans are suffering coz of China trying to buy up small countries like SriLankan n lending them money so India be alert don't fall prey to China's tricks.
    God bless Indias generosity.
    SriLankan needs a new president.

  10. The reason, Sri Lankans brought Rajapaksha to the power is give more troubles and hate to Tamils and Muslims. Never forget the History. Atleast remember the Halal food matters.

  11. Sri Lanka should become India’s new state.
    Although it is not good for India to accept Srilanka that is bankrupt.


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