Gravitas: How Mark Zuckerberg lost his fortune

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was once touted to become the world’s richest man, he has now slipped to the 12th spot. Zuckerberg was the face of the social media revolution, he has now become the face of big tech’s tyranny. Palki Sharma brings you the story of Zuckerberg’s fall.

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  2. It is Democrats karma😂😂😂😂 He is poor now. That because he bought the election for Biden for 4.5 million that is why the right left him👎😈 It was karma.👎

  3. I don’t know what did Zuckerberg invent, but it has to be something amazing when he got so much money for that.

  4. All of the people that are touted as "industry leaders" are nothing but the front man of Deep State. Zukerberg, Musk , Bezos, Gates and the rest of the players are, each are personas (an individual's social facade or front that the individual is playing) They are projecting "success" and "expertise" in a given sphere, or simply stated they are peddling part of global agenda that was assigned to them!.

    They are the "entrepreneur" faces placed on corporations that are actually bankrolled and controlled by global government AKA deep state. Where do you think Musk got his startup money from? Same goes for Bezos and Gates and Zukerberg. None of them would be so "successful" if they would not be willing to play their roles, as a matter of fact – they would be quickly crushed. As the reward of playing a persona, they get considerable money at their disposal but they must PLAY BY THE RULES or their fortune and fame would disappear overnight. What we are told is the fortune of such persona is not what their real wealth is, that money is not theirs, deep state owns those corporations.

    If you pay attention you will see that all of this leads towards centralization of power. Put a friendly face on deep state's enterprise and everyone fails to notice the policies that those corporations are pushing and social changes that they create. Do you really think Zukebererg (of Rothschild dynasty) was able to build greatest data collection agency in the world almost overnight all by himself? He looks like a complete m0r0n! Do you know what kind of expenses are to run a company that does not even have a product, and they are doing it for free, just like google, youtube, twitter and the rest?

    If the government would run the Twitter or youtube or Facebook openly – most of the people would not use those services because they do nor trust the government, but when you put a face of a "successful" entrepreneur on a corporation – then everyone's guard comes down as people identify with that "successful" and "rich" and "lucky entrepreneur".

    Just like Facebook, twitter is a data mining and influencing platform that is bankrolled and operated by deep state. They have no income, yet they stay in business at costs of billion of dollars per month. When Musk was trying to explain why he was buying twitter he was fumbling and struggling for words so much that it was clear that he was trying to walk a very narrow line of what is allowed to be said. After so much of fumbling , somehow he managed to unconvincingly say something like "to bring the freedom and democracy to the world".
    Really, twitter will bring the freedom to the world? They terminated account of a sitting US presidents and all of the dissenting voices, now they will bring the freedom? No, they are trying to rebuild the trust in this exposed and failing platform so they can still feed their AI to collect, process and influence twitter users. And people still think that biggest data mining and analytics and incredibly powerful influencing platform will be used for good because it is now in hands of an altruistic billionaire?
    BTW, Musk is supposedly the owner of the following companies;
    -The Boring Company
    are there any warning lights flashing yet?

    Need I mention that Musk is a transhumanist and deep state is pushing the transhumanism and AI and electronic fence?
    Are we connecting the dots yet?

    Have people not figured who really runs the show on this place we call Earth and WHY is this happening now?

  5. Basically wion is promoting tik tok🤣🤣 Waste content. He is still 12th richest man on planet

  6. Hell yeah, about time people wake up and quit that shit…I've closed my Facebook as I've got tired of Mark telling me what to think, what to like and God forbid if you disagree – you go to jail for 7/14 /30 days.. Biggest brainwashing social platform for pedos, Isis recruitment, perverts, psychos and that social pressure – you don't get enough likes, there is something wrong with you..The self made billionaire can easily be made – self – made fool…

  7. FALL????????????




  8. In my country the fact checker is biased even the truth they say its false. They create fakenews. Hahahaha our revenge hahhahah

  9. Get rid of zuckerface. He is evil. Watch AwakewithJP and Ralph Smart. They explain what it really is. Facebook is a joke. He’s helping people lose their soul and what it means to be human!

  10. Transparency is crucial to our society and 1st Amendment was what made Facebook and Mark become a billionaire… took it for granted with corrupt propagandist taking control.

  11. Zuckerberg was a major player in the Coup d’état of Trump and now we have three war Biden and we are on the verge of Nuclear War And WWIII.

  12. Wonder if he would like to have the hundreds of Million dollars he spent to get Joe Bidrn elected back?

  13. this lady is funny 🤣 She tells us aboit all the made up stories from the world but will never say single world about whats going on in India. People are being lynched, infants being raped and she is telling us stories of Mark Zuckurberg 😂

  14. I hope facebook folds and shuts down!!! All they do nowadays sensor you take away your freedom of speech,Etc. That plateform sucks!!!

  15. This was the bas tard that, when I'd publish data backed science on covid and associated cures (I'm a scientist), would delete my posts or label them as 'not factual', fact checked by his opinion. At the the same time as he was selling personal user data to British political parties I was banned for 24 hours for 'not meeting their standards'. I stopped using F-book, permanently.


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