Gravitas | Human Rights: Time for America to look within?

US lectures the world on human rights. But it has failed to check the rise in hate crimes at home. It has also failed to control guns. In New York, a man opened fire in a subway, on the same day 2 Sikhs were attacked with a rod. Palki Sharma raises important questions.

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  1. What happened in the US yesterday was a left wing extremist who was all about black supremacy. Was a real nuisance for decades. Somehow, getting out of jail every crime. He sure is a terrorist! A domestic terrorist.

  2. Palki, You make things worse with your bias. FELONS LIKE THAT MAN CANNOT BUY GUNS! He bought it illegally. Most likely from a gang.

  3. Palki, You want to talk shit about the US like that? What about Pakistan? Shops everywhere who counterfeit guns of all types and sell them to anyone!

  4. Hypocrisy? True to a great extent…However, I think the Australians would have loved to have a Second Amendment when they were being rounded up in camps not long ago.
    The Ukrainians are effectively holding Russian at bay due to their government handing out guns to the People and I'm sure the Chinese People would benefit from the right to Keep and Bear Arms protected by something like the Second Amendment. Not to mention the truckers in Canada right now…I could go on and on.

    "The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government." Thomas Jefferson
    "When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny." also Thomas Jefferson

    We do not have a gun problem in the US. We have a corrupt government problem…a government that refuses to enforce the laws that protect people from guys like Frank James. A government that let violent criminals out of prison early. That won't set bail on people caught with illegal guns…the list is long. And don't forget, ALL of the gun laws being proposed now after this tragic event in NY…are Already on the books in NY just like in California a short time ago, all those laws have already been passed there as well. The victims of those two tragedies, as well as many, many others could not have defended themselves had they wanted to simply because its already illegal in those places. They restrict the law abiding People's right to Keep and Bear Arms while letting the violent criminals out of jail and not enforcing the laws they have already passed.

    The "Gun" murder rate, 2019: 10,258 FBI crime stats webpage. Although tragic, your numbers are way off. Maybe our justice system should prosecute violent criminals to the full extent of the laws already on the books…you think?

  5. 2nd amendment is absolute, and it's about freedom of Americans to own arms, and I don't think you have the right to critique that.
    Hundreds of Muslims are lynched in India, and more than 8000 women die because of dowry, I hope you talk about that.

  6. I’m a retired NYPD Detective! I responded to shootings, stabbings, rapes, robberies, and all varieties of crimes in NYC!, I’ve never seen anything like this, it looks like a false flag!, everyone running off the train is wearing masks 😷 the civilians who assisted the “victims” were not wearing masks 😷 further over nvr seen civilians assist victims like this!,

  7. Every day , americans are facing particularly in big cities all kinds of problems these days, and is galling to hear these more or less corrupt american politicians to lecture other peoples , other countries that they don't understand !!!

  8. We need to be realistic. Anyone who wants to get hands on guns, will get hands on guns, specially if they don't care about the legal part. For many viewers who don't know, new york has very strict gun laws. but also has very high gun violence. It maybe shocking for some, but criminals don't care about those guns not been legal.. Plus, there is many ways to commit muss murder. In France, guy rented a small truck, and killed 85 people with it in few minutes. 85 people.. guns are not a problem, people are.

    Why do you call police, when you have a problem with someone? because police has guns. thats the only reason.. most of the time police 10-15 min away.

  9. 500 million Indians live in abject poverty and have a 3rd grade education. Police beat people in the streets. Female infanticide, I could go on an on. India has no gun rights yet still has a huge homicide rate.

    Most Amercians don't know that most middle and upperclass Indians will pay top dollar for a western product then browdeat a food seller for a rupee. These same people make housekeepers work 30 day a month, make them sleep on the the floor and pay them about $2 a day. Many Indians are racist, far worse than most that are in America. Caste is racist and a modern form of slavery cloaked in "acient culture".

    No one should be proud. Yes, America has much to do, but we are vastly better at human rights than the government and the rich people of India.

  10. Can wion report on muslims housing demolished by mp government in Ram navmi procession clashes that took place between 2 groups of religion.

  11. in the US they make mistakes but acknowledge and correct themselves. In India human rights doesnt even exist. so the americans do have a point. gang rapes, sexual violence, domestic violence, religious and ethinic as well as caste vioence and even violence against journalists have increased tremendously in recent years. so pls report on your own country issues before talking about America.

  12. Americans must register weapon upon purchase and violent criminal acts in America are not carried out by registered gun owner but illegally obtained weapons that are not registered to anyone take note

  13. Still Indians will line-up to work, study and settle in US. Why they do not go to russia. Hypocrits.

  14. LEST WE FORGET!!!!!

    The Christopher Lane Incident.
    He was not a racist … just an ordinary white AUSTRALIAN football player.

    Became a victim of REVERSED racism attack.

    After that incident, many Filipinos living in California told me to advise white Aussies not to wear T-shirt proudly displaying I AM AUSTRALIAN when traveling in USA.


  15. If it was a white man, it would have immediately been labeled as a Mass shooting by a White Supremist/ Terrorist.

  16. Blasted 🤓 well said…There is saying" before you judge, make sure you are perfect" US is not one of them.

  17. If someone can tell me how ordinary people going out and killing others because they are nuts is a "human rights abuse," please do enlighten me.

    Because by this logic, any country that has any murder rate is guilty of human rights abuses.

  18. nope, arm every one….he would have died faster with less causalities…disarm the righteous and you only will have armed criminals

  19. holy hell WE GOTTA BAN POLES!!! AND GUNS!!! AND SPOONS……..yes spoons….you see how much ice cream large marge can eat?!?!?!?!?

  20. In US they buy guns and crack like they're chewing gums. Meanwhile in Ireland I can barely find a knife that manages to cut vegetables properly.

  21. You can not get a gun that fast even without a license. Background checks take a week for you to get your gun here in America. I know because I’ve been through that process. Please get your story right. I like this Chanel, don’t make me not support you guys.

  22. I am American I have lived in America all my life I dropped out of high school because I felt like I was being brainwashed and indoctrinated, I can’t be friends with anyone or relate with anyone here in America because half how ignorant they are, they don’t understand how America’s government has always been the worlds true terrorist even to their own citizens look at what they did to the black panthers they killed people in their sleep while in their homes. We live in a police state we get arrested and fined for everything. The media is highly censored and they control the narrative and they make people believe that America is like some kind of police of the world and that America is perfect and America does no wrong. The ignorance and the brainwashing here in America is the real epidemic and on top of that we have a racist fascist government which is an authoritarian government which oppress is their own citizens and on top of everything there is crimes and drugs running wild in the streets and people are out of control and have no idea what’s going on on the other side of the world and so many people are just slaves trying to take care of their families wearing how they are going to make it to tomorrow so they definitely don’t know what’s going on in their own government or the other side of the world but it’s truly a mess here in America there is so much corruption in the government people are crazy here and very ignorant and very uneducated and the people here let their government do whatever they want it’s crazy

  23. Firearm business is contributing to the American economy as much as war armament the biggest contributor to the American GDP …..

  24. You want us to give up our guns so the dictator can come here. Every State within the united states has it's own gun laws. We have guns to protect us from the government and from outside forces from coming to our home like yall.. Don't be mad. This is why the second amendment was written. Guns don't kill people the lack of Love kills people. Man's true definition of Love is 1. Romeo and Joliet (well it's probably some different names were you might be from.) But they are a definition of Affectionate Love. 2. The only definition the world has of Loving each other, the agape type of Love comes from the remembrance of Jesus the Christ; but the worlds wants to remove him. They want to remove Hell and the consequences that come from God and wonder why none! Even your people don't have morals.

  25. "17 Million lives a home with a gun" Well at least It won't be easy for Putin, Kim or any other bigot to invade the U.S or Canada!

  26. Why do they give weapons to their citizens so easily? It is their government's fault. Just for the profit of weapon companies they are killing their own people.

  27. Yet with all those faults;
    billions are entering this country every second seeking the American dream, and countless have have found that dream.


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