Gravitas: Imran Khan's Minister drags India into political chaos

The countdown has begun for Imran Khan. Allies have left his government. The Pakistani Prime Minister has made a last-ditch attempt to survive. One of his ministers has dragged India into political chaos. Palki Sharma tells you more.

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Comment (47)

  1. Seeing this I'm so glad we have a strong leadership now, cant imagine what would be India's state if congress were in power!

  2. Khan is cognate to Gahn and Han, and ultimately from Korean language attested from 2500 years ago.
    Koreans call themselves Han and it means Great, Big, Middle, One, Sky, Heaven etc.
    and also title for the leader.
    Hankook tyre litterally means Han Nation tyre, and Hangook = Korea .

  3. India will send operation "Ganga 2" to pull Imrand Kahn out of this mess, and then we make sure that he becomes pm again… 😂

  4. I think we re all bored of this clown. Once he stops being funny then it's time to change to another clown.

  5. lol Pakistan is like a cancer to India, or that one spot on your back you can't reach when it's itching. I don't know how India deals with this never ending headache that has no cure. Having one lunatic for a neighbor is already too much headache, but an entire nation with lunatics in it is just too much.

    If IK really was an incompetent leader as the loser indian media flop tries to show, indian media would've never shown him incompetent but would've rather glorified him.
    They know it very well how harmful he is for india and what damages he has been doing against india.
    That's the reason the world is watching the outcry of indian media in form of criticism and covering him day & night.

  7. Palki, your straightforwardness to communicate news is astonishing, no wonder you're Chief Editor!

  8. They are trying to divide Pakistan there’s some crazy politicians behind us the economy worldwide is falling inflation in America Gas is up high not his fault do you want Pakistan to be The next Kashmir it for a woman to get raped and get killed your kids your wife your dad your moms house I was just saying a Demon that you know I’m not a person that you don’t know Hello together we stand divided we fall

  9. They are trying to take nuclear ☢️ away from Pakistan 🇵🇰 working so hard on it the whole Westerners Israel is now is making the move on Iran 🇮🇷 In the upcoming months

  10. Y not make him a main Hero in a blockbuster action movie, he looks much more handsome then the leftover actors in Bollywood.

  11. The truth stands out from fallshood from what's going on around the world you just got to decide which camp u are in hi there you are the people of the hellfire or the people of paradise see you on the other side everybody have a good day…

  12. That was not news. That was opinion. If you want to be a creditable news organisation you must be unbiased and honest. I am afraid this item was neither.

  13. Pakistanis should steadfastly stick to IK, the most honest since Quadi Azam. The corrupt clan A.K.A opposition is furious that they cannot ransack the nation's coffers under his watch!

  14. IK is strong than ever before, Foreign support for Opposition plunderers has given sky rocketing supports from masses

  15. Just wondering, does this channel ever make video regarding BJP and Modi. and the atrocities being committed under his government? cuz based on this channel every country on the globe is a mess except India.

  16. I think he should become pm of pak cuz he is the all time entertainment for all Indians.
    who will make us laugh now 😪😪

  17. No other alternative for Pakistan because most of the other parties are extremely corrupt they will do anything for money 💰

  18. Why is India so obsessed about everything that happens in Pakistan? All the channels in India showed Imran Khan's speech live. Pakistan never shows Modi's activities because we all hate this Hindu racist.

  19. Shutuppp india dont be jelious of pakistan ok just mind your own business .and
    I know
    You know the reality btw 🙄🤔👎👎

  20. After this serious and informative report she will have important 2 or 3 meetings with the Americans and Indian officials at midnight after satisfaction she will come to the wion studio in latest Mercedes quite happily.

  21. Miss India Indian people still have a shortage of Washrooms. And Indian should avoid racist discrimination to Muslim citizens of India to make an India where humans can take breathe.


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