Gravitas: In Europe, PM Modi warns about the perils of war

In Germany, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the press with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. PM Modi told reporters that there won’t be any winners in Ukraine war and everyone will lose. Palki Sharma Upadhyay tells you more.

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Comment (26)

  1. Well you will understand this. Europeans work hard, India ppl work hard and Russian sell gas. They dont appreciate how hard is to earn stuff. We need to educate them hard way… simple as that.

  2. india is the second ( to china ) worst air polluter in the world from coal fired power generation. They need to clean up their own country before talking about green energy sustainability. india is trying to mitigate the Ukraine/russian war ?? How can they when they are supporting russia.

  3. They not want war but they want the suffering and corruption and thief and murder and rape ton continue,war will bring Jesus Christ back to rule with righteousness 2Peter 3:13 Luke 1:33

  4. What is peace if we don't do nothing about INVASION Peace IS Nothing AS Long as THIS GO ON INVASION

  5. What's the point of having a Chancellor if all he does is basically reads a paper prepared by the Brussels and Washington? He avoided saying that NS2 will be canceled, it was. He avoided saying that Russia will be cut off from SWIFT, it was. He said there will be no ban on Russian energy flow to Germany, now oil is banned and natural gas is on the way. Germany will be the 2nd world nation by the end of this decade.

  6. You can find 2 kinds of complaints against Mr Modi:

    1) Terrorists complaining how he is a "fascist".
    2) Normal citizens of India complaining about how he doesn't take care of his health and works non-stop.

  7. this war is between the west and Russian.. Ukraine is used as battle ground.. please negotiate instead

  8. Omg, the green deal being pushed so hard while the war is going. Biden is loving it. Nato is making money all the way. And the USA is getting rid of Russia without lifting a finger, the Ukrainians has to fight this war, with a massive debt they are incurring. America has it's bread buttered both sides.

  9. Scholz supports crossing the red line as a puppet of US. Now you have your war which you thought Putin did not have the balls to defend Russia.

  10. Yeah but Russia/Putin is the aggressor. None of the former Soviet Union countries want to go back. As a person you are given a choice follow me or I will destroy you. Will PM Modi tell that to Zelensky?



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