Gravitas: In Singapore, not everyone has the right to own a car

In Singapore, not everyone has the right to own a car.
Before buying a car, a person must buy the right.
It costs nearly $99,999, which is almost the price of a car.
What explains this bizarre rule?
Palki Sharma brings you a report.

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Comment (47)

  1. The fact that u have missed is that by reducing the number of private vehicles they can control carbon emissions also resulting in a less polluted air.

  2. If i am not mistaken they can buy a third car but can only be used on weekends and public holidays . The have a different coloured number plate for this .

  3. Yes this is a "rich" white person from America commenting but we don't have the public transportation that a lot of Europe and Asia have. It's a necessity in most parts of the US to have a vehicle or you are walking. And most places aren't safe for walking or it's illegal to walk there. Our public transportation infrastructure is abysmal. So while we do have the right to just go buy a car whenever we want and we don't have to pay for that privilege, it's also nearly impossible in most places NOT to have that vehicle too.

  4. Well the truth is, laws always trickle down to affect the poor the most. This law does not affect the rich at all.

  5. I am Singaporean. Car ownership is a double edged sword, I think. It is very convenient, safe (because of covid), privacy. On the flip side its a huge financial burden, congestion, accident, road rage, parking issue etc. So most own a car out of necessity.

  6. I would be game for this, provided the public transportation system like trains especially are on time, reasonable and less crowded(India). I would like India to hve better roads, cleaner transportation alternatives to car.

  7. As the news pointed out it is a very small country so number of cars have to be managed. What news don’t mention is that to compensate for not having a car, Singapore has one of the best public transport system in the world. That transport system makes owning a car redundant.

  8. Why compare in Indian Rupees and also say it in Millions. We have Lakhs and Crores. Unnecessary mind conversion.

  9. Phew !!! In Melbourne people buy under 10 yr old Toyotas for 5 to 10k and it lasts them over 10 yrs. And the cars are as good as new.
    I bought my 2005 Toyota Corolla Conquest in 2014 for 5K. Still going . Never any problem. I can understand Singapore's case.

  10. I would love ministers also would use MRT/public transport when they expect people to use MRT/public transport.
    Only a family man can understand the pain of travelling in public transport with kids
    If the government can't facilitate facilitate infrastructure for roads, allow PAVs with related rules.

  11. I heard that the TAX to buy a car in Denmark is 100%. I've never checked if this is true. This system is a little fairer than the one in Singapore.

  12. The law is great to keep the traffic in control… However, the worst downside is, this is for those who can afford a car and for not those who need a car…
    I live in SG and rich people have cars for each family member whereas a family of 5 doesn't if it can't afford to buy. Public transport per month for 5 people would be costlier than gas.

  13. But in every country even in Singapore you have the right to own a car, only if you can afford it, everyone can own a car in india but can they afford it

  14. But in every country even in Singapore you have the right to own a car, only if you can afford it, everyone can own a car in india but can they afford it

  15. choose your words wisely before calling it weird or cruel joke. don't be an idiot. this rule has been there for many years and its not new. its a very sensible rule for a country which got an MRT station every 500 meters in most important parts of it. dont apply your way for thinking to judge others.

  16. In my personal experience, Singapore has the best public transport system I have ever experienced. If I am to live in Singapore I won't be buying a car anyway.

  17. Singapore has efficient public transport and owning may take a back seat. I think this is a well thought idea of discouraging people to own a car to prevent road traffic issues and at the same time building the infrastructure to support the public transport. Good job SG

  18. Maam this is to respectfully inform you that India is buying oil from Russia. As far as i know this defeats the idea of peace loving country to quickly end the war- most of therm are affected economically. Buying oil from Russia is like fuelling the war in Eukrine. Please help stop the war…ask your good leaders….Find other source of source of oil pls……

  19. At least Singapore has made a effort to limit cars on road and keep air pollution to minimum coming from cars emission, can't be said to India who just ignores their air pollution problems year by year that I honestly feel sorry for the young generation in India.

  20. All countries should apply to this rule , in kenya you can buy a licence without even knowing how to drive lol. less cars less pollution ,india should apply this rule where there country is so polluted from air to rivers to every corner

  21. Public transit in America or Canada is dangerous. Too many homeless high, or drunk sleeping around. Not safe like Singapore.

  22. “No one” is a very sweeping statement. How this headline is makes me wonder about the accuracy of this channel. Everyone who has the rights to buy a car. Everyone who has a license has the rights to buy and drive a car IF you can afford to own one.


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