Gravitas: India may soon make food labelling mandatory

The govt of PM Narendra Modi has started a fight against obesity in India. Reports say India may soon make labelling mandatory for snacks. Brands will no longer be able to hide their salt, sugar and fat content. Palki Sharma Upadhyay brings you a report.

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Comment (42)

  1. Until we get back to locally produced food, the rising issues with obesity will continue.
    The only label that should be added on food stuffs: No propionated added ingredients.

  2. Sugar is not just one enemy. Carbs is the biggest. Even though it provides energy, too much consumption of carbs means more sugar remaining in your body. Atleast sugar is glucose which gets broken down by our body easily to give instant energy and then leaves but when carbs breaks down, the sugar remains in your body for longer period of time. Unfortunately the indian cooking is surrounded with more carbs.

  3. Spine decides the weight. Spinal health is very important.
    Healthy straight spine means high metabolism.

  4. Just use your will power to say no to junk food or over eating. And use will power to choose healthy food & do exercise. Simple.

  5. I just came from work made roti sabzi and ate hot from the stove. Nothing like it. Fresh hot eating within 90 minutes of cooking. Fruits veges nuts honey. Yumm nothing like them.

  6. the graphic warning of 75% coverage on tobacco has not stopped people on consuming, how will this do???? Nah this will not be any good

  7. Nutrition Information Panel, NIP as its called. And almost always its Sugar v/s Fat with the healthy snacks.

  8. In my opinion
    If sweets are made then they must be made using oils such as ghee, coconut oil etc as these oils are less in fat and are naturally extracted
    Thus causing less obesity

  9. Our Supreme Court will protect those ads, for free speech. Or fundamental right of right to profession.
    Big money, silent courts

  10. Labels don't do anything. Look at America/Canada, or any Western nation. Keep eating all the processed foods you want. You could even package the labels themselves for consumption. They do nothing but increase costs.

  11. OK. I'm going to help you. Blood determines what you can, and can't eat. O blood is way different diet, then a blood and b blood. I learned the hard way. Just ask Google what food do a blood eat? Then ask what should o blood not eat? You will find this weight problem is from swelling from allergies in your foods not fitting your blood types. It's very easy just ask Google your food types. Learn the blood difference.

  12. Tbh, who looks at those ingredients list…. If the thing is tasty, we buy and eat it…. Simple😂

  13. Iam a Brahmin from Bangalore,but i only eat high protein meats like lamb,fish, chicken,and dhaal and it's been five years since I quit sugar(NO SWEETS, CHOCOLATE NOR ANY FESTIVAL FOODS) ,instead i use brown sugar which is a healthy Alternative…i eat a lot of meat 🍖 and workout at the same time,hence i dont get fat at all..I only see fat uncle's around my house😂,and bored aantis constantly telling them not to eat sugary foods..Last week one of my neighbour called me to ask how iam so lean,and I suggested them to eat meat and Protein foods to which they nearly puked coz they were pure vegetarians Lmao 😂😂…

  14. I think schools must also teach theses things but they don't .They teach us to find area of some figure. It is well said that health is the main thing than anything.

  15. like samosas and gulab jamuns, yoga and fasting is also a part of Indian culture. But the latter is often forgotten.

  16. After lockdown obesity has become major problem in teenagers
    Also mobile addiction sitting in one place for hours at very young age , consuming too much western food habits having cheese loaded pizza 4 times a week the amount of popularity for western food is increasing in india
    If one Haven't tried pizza or burger yet they are foolish from that point of view youngsters look at you
    Not just western food but those so called food vloggers who keeps on asking or extra butter and cheese and those who invent dish and garnish It with tons of cheese
    Indian food is very heavy to be consumed if compared to our daily routine

  17. First dont eat junk food like mac, pizza,kfcnd colas then automatically we will be skinny nd healthy we can save money

  18. In Western countries it's called fat shaming nowadays. Sad.
    Although I am a non vegetarian but I believe that our traditional Indian vegetarian diet would help a lot in both fighting climate change and obesity.

  19. Going back to older approaches will help. Eat home cooked food everyday. Reserve sweets and other junk only to special occasions. Eating a few sweets on a festival won't matter much, if you avoid them on regular days.


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