Gravitas: India offers wheat to the world

In the last 2 years, India has been a part of every global solution. When the pandemic struck, India exported HCQ, when the West hoarded vaccines, India sent life-saving jabs to the world. Now, India is exporting wheat to the world. Palki Sharma tells you more.

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Comment (37)

  1. Hallo ma'am palkesharma 🙌🙏 appreciate I don't know to explain what next good words..all good things for you Forever jitheraho bheti god bless you ma'am 🙌

  2. Five thousand years ago, the Kurukshetra war, between the Pandavas and the Kauravas, was the mother of all battles. All the kings – hundreds of them – aligned themselves on one side or the other. The king of Udupi however chose to remain neutral. He spoke to Krishna and said, ‘Those who fight battles have to eat. I will be the caterer for this battle.’ Many of the Udupi people are caterers even today.

  3. Everytime u take our hearts away by ur style of journalism Palki ji 🙏🏻
    Words are few to describe our love n respect for ur topics n it's contents which are just real facts n you always set the records straight 💪🏻
    So proud of you for inspiring, what n Indian Women power (Devi) can actually do 🤗❤️

  4. We are the followers of Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam which means the world is one family. India always with humanity.

  5. Its really a great move and a great show of humanity to the world…..but its really a pity that farmers are being disrespected by the Govt……

  6. Wheat to the world is great. Hope there is enough of it in the slums of India where poverty is at its plight. Pray that those people get the basic rice first!

  7. This is disingenuous nonsense. He says a situation has emerged. Perhaps he should be reminded that Russia has attacked Ukraine

  8. That's generous, but what about hunger in India?

    The latest Global Hunger Index 2020 study does not make for cheery reading for India. The study has placed India 94th out of 107 countries in terms of hunger, locating it in the 'severe' hunger category.

    As per the study, roughly 14 per cent of the country's population remains undernourished. To put this into perspective, China and Brazil, perhaps the only two countries with populations comparable to India's, had under-nourishment rates under 2.5 per cent.

  9. I live in the UK. My accountant is Indian, my legal advisor is Indian. In 2019, I ended up in the ER with a massive infection. An Indian doctor literally saved my life by performing emergency surgery on the spot. He wouldn't let me leave the hospital for a week while on antibiotics and checked on me three times a day until I was fully healed. Very kind and attentive person. I deliver heavy furniture, done a few thousand over the years and I can honestly say that Indian customers are a delight. They're very welcoming, always ready and will help however way they can. And no matter how rich or successful, they're very humble and respectful. Just my two cents.

  10. There are so many English and Italian names comment about India….🤔🙁🥺🤫

  11. This is the best opportunity for Agricultural Marketing. Indian should pitch as a reliable wheat exporter. This will also support the farmers laws that were repealed.

  12. As an Indian, I would rather put food on the table of people than weapon in their hand. I want no blood money. India government is doing exactly what we Indians want. Our farmers are our pride🇮🇳🙏🇮🇳

  13. ഇതൊന്നും മലയാളം ചാനലിൽ പറയില്ല 😂🤣 please start Wion malayalam🙏

  14. The Past, Present & Future stand of 'India' ; was foreseen & declared by Swami Vivekananda ! …and the great contribution by Leaders of this Nation ! …and that's the essence of 'Hinduism' – Faith, Love, Respect & belief in Humanity ! God bless 🙏 💐

  15. Sell it to the African nations.

    Not the European ones, like that country which denied Bangladesh vaccines over not supporting Europe in the war.


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