Gravitas: India slams UNSC 'reform' backed by the West

The UN General Assembly adopted a resolution requiring P5 members to justify their use of veto powers. India’s representative criticised the reform as a ‘take it or leave it’ offer that ignores the root problems at the UN. Palki Sharma Upadhyay tells you more.

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Comment (38)

  1. The P5 were given permanent seats and veto power for two reasons: a) they were the original 5 countries that established the UN and more importantly b) at the time they were the only countries with nuclear warheads in their arsenal. The thinking was if they had permanent seats with veto power they would be less likely and less able to use nukes in any conflict. Since then other countries have also added nuclear warheads and need to be added as permanent members to the UNSC – India is one of them. Steps have been taken in the past to make that happen but they have been blocked by UfC (led by Italy) to keep the G4 from having them. Personally I think veto power should be removed. This is not the first time Russia has used its veto power to hold the UNSC hostage as it is doing now. And giving everyone on the council veto power would be a disaster and make them even more ineffective. The was proven in the League of Nations where everyone had veto power and the result was nothing got done. It's one of the reasons why it failed. The problem is any reforms would take a very lengthy amount of time and neither Ukraine nor Russia for that matter have that kind of time. The problem is now and this resolution was a quicker way to try and solve it.

  2. The way I see this is whichever got the mightiest military win…and right now US/NATO/Israel are killing/bullying weaker countries. The smartest country only use money to spill blood of others while you and me are paying for the spilling of blood indirectly through inflation. I like India stands on principles for a peaceful world and I like WION for unbiased reporting. Western media reporting is untrustworthy.

  3. Suggestions from the grassroots withdraw from the organization we're aware from its foundation it never even consider consulting Africans Black Americans so let it die a miserable death 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦

  4. Looks to me that India wants to joint the top five nations if they want to they need to stop doing business with Russia.

  5. There's a reason it's not legally binding. The us uses veto power for it's own purposes the most. Russia/USSR usage has, in many cases, been used to the defense of other nations.

  6. You just lied again about USA it having authority under un to invade iraq .the congress passed a continuing resultion pursuant to un 1448 for the use of military force

  7. Take it or leave it, yeah let's leave it, I mean leave the UN, bunch of corrupt hypocrites calling the shots, a Caracas of the old world order

  8. Best news ever. Russia, China, India, Iran, Saudi Arabia, South America and Africa should form there own international organization which will allow us to trade in our currencies.
    Wion look at this and the effects on NATO most especially USA. looking forward to your analysis

  9. India's foreignpolicy is getting more and more next level savage and profound with time 💪😂👍

  10. Meaningful UNSC reform is indeed urgently required. [Nemo judex in causa sua.] The P5 should not be allowed to be judges in their own cases. That is a universally accepted basic principle to ensure justice is not only done but also seen to be done.


  12. The UN was created by the WEST to do exactly what it does best, controling the World through military force.

  13. UN is one useless good for nothing body, who is wasting money and time. There is no good that comes out of it

  14. why did jugoslavia was bombed .. they where exterminated entire minority groups .. and where already threatening to expand theyr civil war to other countries …. yes iraq was invaded not had the hole country destroied like ukraine has by the russian orc nazys are doing .. yes the us invaded afeganistan and why … they even spent a small fortune building infraestcures there

  15. 3:10 They really do own the place, Palki. Its not built by 200 free countries but by a couple powerful countries and they are all white countries. China is given place there only to make it look world body. Minions like French and UK simply do not deserve to be a permanent member but they are because US, UK and France are one band.

  16. It is time to abolish UN veto powers altogether and make decisions based on simple or 2/3 rd majority.

  17. US control UN like a Nanny. Why Not Asean countries have their own United Asia. and banks funds etc. India China etc must lead this in the near future. All countries wants to take control now days. ……… Let the competition Begins…..

  18. Ok why does it have to be p5, why not p7 or 9? Haven’t more countries risen economically? India has a higher GDP than the UK, and only a madman would consider the UK a powerful country today.

  19. AngloAmerican Nato followsheep change of rules to further thier agenda ! Every member state having one Vote one Veto best solution ! We will see every warmongering move by West will come to halt with no reason to escalate by none Western countries either .UN must sanction Arm supplies to wars not foods to ear for poor people in need !


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