Gravitas: India won't deploy army to Sri Lanka

The Indian High Commissioner in Sri Lanka today denied reports that Indian troops are in the country to help maintain law and order. This comes after the opposition threatened to move a no-confidence motion against the Rajapaksas.
Palki Sharma tells you more.

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Comment (45)

  1. Dear Sri Lankan people,

    Call for a referendum to Join India or China permanently. Please do not bother with your political parties. They are all corrupt. The main issue is small countries like Sri Lanka cannot survive among the global capitalism and market economy. Your economy will always be under threat whatever you do. This is why certain countries are always on top of the league in economy and politics. I would strongly suggest you to call for a national referendum to join with China or India indefinitely. Sovereignty, Democracy, and Freedom are for text books and media only. These do not exist in real world. We are all slaves to the capitalism and market economy anyway. Therefore, you will need to join with a big stable country like China or India who are much more stable than Sri Lanka. If you join with China or India permanently, eventually your people will have better living standard than struggling with your corrupted politicians. You will have more chance to join with China than India because majority of voters are Buddhist. Please take my words. It can be done. Have a go. Good luck!

  2. Thank you so much for the government of India to help my country during this critical situation and don't believe the currepted Rajapaksha governement who is fully responsible for the current situation in Sri Lanka.

  3. You are doing the right thing getting a comment from the from the opposition. They will tell exactly the truth.

  4. Actually those refugees are tamils.We sinhalese will be fight till the End.We will not leave our mother at this critical situation.✌

  5. I hope Srilanka, Pak, Nepal, Myanmar find their out of current troubles and build a safe and developed nation

  6. Indians want Rajapaksas to resign. No interference from India to fix the incompetent, we are with the people of srilanka and we should help the through NGOs and other means directly . The corrupt srilankan govt needs to go. No question of sending even one army soldier.

  7. Its true news i am srilankan liveing Portugal more them 28 years 1994 up date thief gota rajapaksa regime with SLFP. +. PA mad not education

  8. Don’t send Indian Army! It’s their mess let them clean up! It’s not our issue! We have to respect the sovereignty of Srilanka! If third party like China gets in then we have to send our army! China can’t have a military base on our backyard!

  9. As an Indian, I don't think I'll support my country to deploy the army in Sri Lanka UNLESS the militants/terrorist are involved.

  10. Integrate Sri Lanka into India, make it an Indian state. India looks to our neighbors Sri Lanka as our extended brothers and sisters. The people there can have economic prosperity, and political stability.

  11. India should not send military to Sri Lanka as our own problem in aksai chin and ladkah and Jammu and Kashmir and clashing with china lol

  12. Prabhakaran and LTTE will have never sprung if these evil men were never there in the first place. India still wants to support the evil brothers.

  13. Bloody India will allow Pakistan and Bangaldeshi hindus as refugee but not SriLankan Tamils as refugees even if they are Hindus? And this with all the tax from Tamil Nadu , one of the highest tax paying states ? Balls to Bharat if this is the case .
    SriLankan Tamils are welcome to Tamil Nadu. – Tamil from Tamil Nadu

  14. Hi, I am so sad as a Sri Lankan. In past Sri Lanka is a very rich country but now because of this present president the the country becoming poor. I wish my Sri Lanka will be fine soon. I am requseting to wish to my country that it will be fine.

  15. If it is a civil war, India must just watch from a distance. The credit lines are okay, but India must make sure there is no mass exodus of people or anything that might be thrust upon India.

    Lessons for India – do not give anything for free. Keep fiscal deficit at manageable levels, and get industrialised.

  16. China's BRI is the main cause of financial collapse in Sri Lanka.

    China has lured Sri Lanka to borrow an enormous amount of money at an unreasonably high interest rate Sri Lanka can't afford to repay,
    to build extravagant infrastructure Sri Lanka doesn't really need for healthy economic growth.

    China's debt trap for Sri Lanka has significantly reduced Sri Lanka's financial resilience to international financial risks.

    China is the main culprit behind Sri Lanka financial crisis. Watch out !

  17. india involving Ukraine war destroying Ukraine people's support to Russia

  18. Problem start here refugee come to INDIA and thank INDIA to give support then after 1 year its my right no one can stop me

  19. I am from Sri Lanka. And you pathetic jokers just take a video from one protest and say Sri Lanka is on the rocks. You just feed off of this for news and views. Pathetic joke really. Sri Lanka is going ok.

  20. Let Sri Lanka resolve by themselves, this was not only happened in Sri Lanka, but worldwide problem due to high petrol cost. India still have 320 millions peoples live in extremely poverty, don't think India able to help much. India media should mild down their language, not too much nonsenses talk.

  21. As a result the most unfortunate thing also happened: Then prime minister Rajiv Gandhi was assaulted by a sailor, and fortunately he had no live ammo in his rifle. So he used the rifle butt for the assault.

  22. NO ARMY unless we want another IPKF situation. India's forex reserves are > USD 650 billion, 4th highest in the world. More than enough to help out economically.

  23. Why would india invade Sri Lanka, oh yeah, because India has allied with the nazis in Russia and communists in China. Shame on India!

  24. the indian army should do a repeat of what they did in east pakistan. after that the indian army should work with the indian government and oversee a completely new government and india should oversee the elections. this will be the best solution for sri lanka. im a sri lankan living in australia.

  25. Step 1 – Seize our boundaries and do not let any Refugees, and encourage the Lankan govt to negotiate with IMF.
    Step 2 – Provide Humanitarian aid with a deadline of April'22, beyond which we shall demand lease agreements of Lankan lands/strategic ports.
    Step 3 – If they cannot negotiate and come to terms with IMF, then India should move a motion in the UN that the Humanitarian and Refugee crisis is affecting them and the World needs to intervene and dislodge the corrupt Lankan Govt.

    Under no condition, we shall send our Army there and definitely must not assist more than what we've already committed, Indian states need more funding and Indians are suffering as much or more than Lanka and Lanka is not an Indian state, India and Indians come first before neighbours.

  26. I have a solution… Sri Lanka should hold a referendum and secede to India and become another state that way no problem 😌


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