Gravitas: Indian authorities seize Xiaomi assets worth $725 million

India’s Enforcement directorate seized Xiaomi assets worth $725 million over alleged violation of forex laws. How has Xiaomi reacted to these charges? How close is India’s smartphone market leader to the Chinese regime? Palki Sharma Upadhyay tells you.

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Comment (44)

  1. Companies love to avoid taxes….in America ceos get huge bonuses so the shareholders don't get dividends . Offshore accounts. Money laundering. Etc

  2. I was considering getting the Xiaomi 12 Ultra when it's released but after this I'm not sure.

  3. Till date India could not create such big company. In India govt is their to destroy everyone except adani, Ambani, tata

  4. Come on Wion don't be biased against China. Judiciary in India and other South Asian country is well known. Pls don't be the victim of Western fallacies, hypocrisy. West only wants divided Asia at all costs. Hope you are not sponsored by the West or western media moguls like Rupert Murdoch.

  5. Reliance should collaborate with dying nokia. They both can profit from each other. Nokia will help reliance develope smartphone that's competitive and in return reliance will bring the goodwill that nokia lost.

  6. Unfair coming from Chiiina? Do they know the meaning of Fair or even how being fair feels like?

  7. Ban xiaomi in India… Due to security issues….. User… Be careful…. Don't login xiaomi account in your xiaomi mobile…….

  8. India instead of bullying should build its own better gadgets… competition is good for better services… because this Will only result in india having a low grade gadgets.

  9. I never buy that brand even if its cheaper….. dont forget you found sabotaged chips on chinese other devices ….. whats the gurantee?

  10. We love Samsung ❤
    So Samsung wins again 👍😁👍
    Don't care about iPhone or xiaomi 🤣

  11. Ban xiaomi .Use indian products let's fight 😤 back .They killed our soldiers and we are helping them to grow

  12. you are an Indian news station owned by the BJP, Xiaomi might have done wrong(which still needs to be proved) but it is note worthy the way you report news which is obvious you are not independent and impartial news station. you report as if you are not spokesperson of the Indian government or as a news station have joined politics

  13. Trump branded Xaomi as Chinese military Co,
    Joe Biden removed it
    Because his son has business interests in China

  14. Am not surprised, when Xiaomi launched in the UK, they announced a discount on all handsets on launch day but they only had less than 10 handsets on offer so after the 10 were snapped up, they started saying they had run out. As an owner of a Xiaomi phone that I had imported from Hong Kong then, it put me off because I could not give my money to a company that was untruthful. Today, I wouldn't buy a Xiaomi phone if it was half the price off OPPO with the same specs. I also don't think their phones are worth the hype anymore…they are dull, bland, no regular updates and the adverts in apps are annoying. I would buy an iPhone before Xiaomi and I will never by an iPhone

  15. India government have no reputation and good at blackmail foreign companies . Xiaomi should quit india market , like Ford.

  16. Lil Bit closer than you think.
    Xiaomi & Beijing, These two have been sleeping together for a long time.🙄🧐

  17. i am a vivo user until Now because i don't have money to buy another one i used Chinese mobile for their cheap price

  18. We still late INDIAN we still late thank you BAN more GOI BAN tiktok pubg global n MLBB game they aren't BAN properly pls WION do something

  19. We will leave it to the courts to decide based on evidence presented. Its pre mature for media like WION to pre judge a forex crime until its proven to be a crime. Indian government might lose the case and have to pay damages if any done to the company. I know WION is an Indian government mouthpiece and WION is doing just that in the strained India-China relationships. Xiaomi is not the first Chinese or Asian companies that India shutdown. US use tariffs to give US an advantage in trade. India is more high handed, shutting down businesses, India can become a high risk country for business investors. Anyway no individual or company should be trialed by media.

  20. The only channel to convert into USD, thank you. That's a huge amount of money. Important question is why transfer such amount of money to some entity? Is it the founder piling up money safe from CCP eyes?

  21. Bro their phones look beautiful 😭😭
    But i Don't wanna risk my privacy… I've already bought a new xiaomi device… Even my tv is from xiaomi

  22. Why wouldn’t xiaomi be close to Beijing it’s a Chinese company, you street shat ranjits are unbelievable 😂


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