Gravitas: Indonesia appoints popstar as G20 spokesperson

Indonesia, the current President of G20, has appointed 27-year-old popstar Maudy Ayunda as the country’s G20 spokesperson.
Ayunda has no experience in diplomacy.
What explains her appointment?

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Comment (19)

  1. I think it's because majority of indonesian now are young people. i dont agree when our government appointed her. She got great education but i think still lack of experience on this field especially on this very important event. I still hope that they appointed her not just because how she look, age, or her education. Anyway hope she did good.

  2. Zelensky commedien became prime minister of Ukraine because of his popularity. but, we witnessed it's result, so it's not too late to Indonesia to realise that merit is matter in such a professional role.

  3. She is a Spoke Person . .

    Not an executive who have to make the decision . .

    its just advertise so that young people in Indonesia can look forward for G20 . .

    its not a big deal 😂

  4. lol she got more education more than u for sure, OXFORD graduate in Philosophy, Politics and Economics and MASTER STUDENT at STANFORD UNIVERSITY. She is known for one of the smartest woman in Indonesia.

  5. Why Indonesia can't appoint a popstar, actress as a spokesperson? Other countries presidents are actress as well.

  6. All these people are saying she has a degree in oxford and stanford🤣. So what? there are thousands of alumnis with degrees from those schools. If shes smart enough to go into oxford, then she should be smart enough to know G20 isnt a joke and something a celebrity can go into… but then again, oxford is the same school that admitted a prime minister(Imran Khan) who said Japan and Germany share a border🤣🤣

  7. 5:00 Jane Fonda was a young beauty when she began her activist career…spoke out against US attack on Vietnam. Don't underestimate women.

  8. Popstar? She's more into musicians who create song & play guitar not a popstar! Just because she sing, it doesn't make her a popstar.. wion picked the word "popstar"

  9. G-20 is Also A JOKE. What`s the use of these Globalist Organizations for Countries Like India,.
    UN Organization works for USA, UK and France.

  10. 🤷‍♀️Really…?!
    America has a clown for a President.. Pretty sure she probably has more sense, too!!


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