Gravitas: Indonesia bans export of palm oil

Indonesia, the top palm oil exporter, has banned the export of edible oil. Ukraine, the top sunflower oil exporter, is at war. Our world is in the middle of a cooking oil crisis. Your kitchens will soon feel the burn. Palki Sharma tells you more.

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Comment (28)

  1. EAT RAW. estimated oil consumption 19 kg per person/year. Amazing!!!. Modern human have been on earth since 200,000 years. Only now puny problems are becoming magnified

  2. i have been cooking without oil for over 5 years. its possible. one can make pizza, mayo, pancakes, airfried food etc without oil. healthier for the planet, healthier for you

  3. Malayalis Konkanis Tamilians Bengalis will be like ‘nah! I am good’. Indeed like someone here already mentioned Indians should switch to local cuisine oils like Mustard, Groundnut, Ghee, Coconut oils. Indian Govt should really look into this from ‘atmanirbhar’ perspective. All these oils are not just healthy but also perfectly suit local cuisines. Maybe this is a push for wayward westernised Indians to look back at our traditions (cooking).

  4. Oh not forgetting about Olive Oil being used for Italian food. Pig's Lard would be a good substitute for all oil shortage.

  5. We buy cold pressed ground nut oil from the local vendors. This may not impact us in India. Little expensive but tasty.

  6. In India people can atleast now switch to cold pressed oils so that they can be healthy and Indian economy will rise and yes with that oilys they can make fries plenty of times……..

  7. Due2 Indonesia edible oil expensive…Due2 Rus-ukr war, petrol/ diesel expensive and mant more….
    Many we on our own nothing…outsiders responsible for our problem ….

  8. maybe, I don't know🤷‍♂️
    I'm sad now, I'm a small oil palm farmer from Indonesia and the price at the farmer level has dropped by about 30%😓

  9. Personally I look at it as a blessing that INDONESIA has stopped giving Heart attacks to people as Palm oil is banned in Europe and considered harmful for Cardio vascular health by the Health Department of USA. It's quite shameful that India still depends on it.


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