Gravitas: Is Pakistan trying to be friends with India?

Is Pakistan trying to be friends with India? In his letter to PM Narendra Modi,
Pakistan’s PM Shehbaz Sharif has sought ‘peaceful & cooperative ties’. Sources have told Wion that Islamabad
is also trying to organise an official meeting. Molly Gambhir gets you a report.

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Comment (28)

  1. Peace between India and Pakistan is only possible when the white elephant (USA and allies) get stuck in their trouble or some kind of war otherwise it does not suit them to see peace in the region.Indians and Pakistan belong to the same soil, same culture and traditions above all same language. Federation of united India is waiting for the death of white elephants.

  2. Don't TRUST a USA puppet. He'll swindle you into an agreement that he'll break with the backing of the USA.

  3. It survives off proxy, plays USA too, KhaIid Sheik Moh. planned 9II and 1993 attack. 0sama hid on a military base for decades. Look at AFG.

  4. Will never stop eyeing to break the line or disIike for others. It’s govt is shar e ya. Survives on proxy: will say anything for western handouts, rats out IocaIs instead, breeds the most rads too. Their military join terror groups on air. The mindset of the average is evident on media too. Yet continuously given benefit of doubt and our IabeIs. Btw I’m sardar.

  5. “Sabka Viswas” is yielding fantastic results in Delhi, Khargone , Karoli etc. during RamNavami and Hanuman Jayanti. It seems that Trustworthy people are everywhere…. Over both the sides of the border.

  6. The Sharif famiIy is corrupt, his brother Nawaz is in jail but elected three times, for transferring miIIions into own account. They target IocaIs for an image but actively involved in sponsoring terror groups.

  7. I agree with new PM of Pakistan. It can resolve all issues and be friends with India again by few very simple deeds. Peacefully handing over PoK, Gilgit, Baltistan, illegally ceded part to China, stopping state-sponsored terrorism, and hand over all terrorists wanted by Indian courts of law. Simple!

  8. Be careful CiA is behind new Pakistan government they only making news/media diplomatic measures. They wanna punish India for Russia/Ukraine

  9. Al Taqqiyya. They need time to fix their armed forces and other financial aspects before joining the Arabs in that final war against us. Muslims can never live in peace with any one who is not a muslim.

    They exist to fight for their one and only God. When you constantly tell the world 5 times a day that there is only one God and that is our God…… then there is no scope for dialogue.

  10. This idiot should have avoided referring to Kashmir. Kashmir is an integral part of Bharat. Just get out of PoK for a start. Stop state sponsored cross border terrorism. 😤

  11. To reconcile ? Hope there is*** return .pok .hang the teror leadears . Aaaaaand be humble and negotiate .

  12. Shalom, Salam, Peace.
    1. India And Pakistan, Share The Same Language, Culture, Dances & Food.
    2. There Are Christians, Hindus, Sikhs And Muslims, In Both Countries.
    3. Remember To Love Thou Neighbor, As One Loves Oneself, Life Is Too Short For Hatred Between Humanity.

  13. No hobnobbing with Separatists by the Pak Embassy in New Delhi should be a pre condition for restoring full diplomatic telationship.

  14. I was about to invest billions of dollars in Pakistan and open manufacturing units etc., but since Imran is not around, I will just watch WION instead.

  15. Persecuting minorities is a bigger problem in Pak compare to j&k. J&k is prospering better than many other states in India.

  16. Drama.Keep at Bay.Economic colapse, want be friends no good intentions. In fact throw out balance of embassy out of India. Known world curse for terrorism,why should u be friends

  17. India will never believe Pakistan. They have betrayed India lot of times.IF any PM of Pakistan try to talk peace with India . He will soon eliminated from power.THEY ARE PERMANENT ENEMY TO INDIA.


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